A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

Yaundae D&D 5th Tomb of Annihilation

December 30th 2017

…Are ziggurats always this deadly?

The adventurers:

Daniel – Sindar Elf Lan Cleric
Zephyr – Aarakocra Barbarian Zeek
Thomas – Half Elf Wizard Frederek
Jordan – winged kobold Karak rogue

Artus Cimber – Ranger and owner of the Ring of Winter
Dragon Bait – a sariuel paladin

The adventure thus far….

It has been 30 days in the jungle. Perhaps only a week to some but to others that are affected by the curse… slowly wasting away… it is a lifetime. The group has lost a paladin of Hughma that lost his footing on a ledge and fell 1800 feet to his death. The party continues on over coming firenewts and 4 armed apes.

Ziggurats now dot the jungle as the party gets closer to the lost city of Omnus. The first they encounter was a mental challenge and those that perservered to the top were rewarded well.

Now another ziggurat appears out of the jungle. This one festooned with man sized winged stone statues. The aarockra jumps onto the steps followed by the sindar elf cleric. As they begin climbing the steps, the gargoyles come to life.

They engage and the fight is on. A blue flame rages at the top of the ziggurat and as each gargoyle goes down, a large figure assembles in the middle of the flame. All the gargoyles are defeated but then a large 4 armed steps forth from the flame and aarakocra and other adventures climb to take him on. When the battle is finished pieces of gargoyle lay every where. They were the guardians of a tomb of a celestial naga. Being grateful to have his resting place wrested from evil, he grants boons to the adventurers.

The party continues back into the jungle…



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