A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition


Clean out wave echo cave

this is easy… we have cleaned out most of the cave – Grove

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
James – Eldwyn Elf Cleric
Brandon – Rufus Halfling Bard

The adventure thus far -

The plan is simple… return to Wave Echo cave and finish cleaning it out. Woody is contacted by Sister Gareale about more creatures… evil looking large cat like creatures that are showing up around the town of Thundertree. The party decides to return to the cave.

The party sets out the next morning and heads to Wave Echo Cave. Entering the cave the rythmic pounding still fills the cave with noise and vibration.

Rufus again has some problems with the rope and falls down the 20 feet to the rift floor. He is quickly patched up. After the last few battles in the cave from the before, the cave seems eerily quiet and empty. The party heads along the western caves and cavern and doesn’t find anything much until they come across a room with a pool.

After searching the room, a skeleton is found in the pool that was one of the wizards defending the cave. Nothing but scraps and two rings and a wand along with a few arrows still stuck in his rib cage.

The party continues to explore and enters a room with another large rift.. A few bug bears appear to be digging in the stones. The party moves into melee and a dark elf seems to be there with the bug bears. The party kills the three in the room but 5 more join from the west entrance. A tough battle but the bugbears are driven off.

A few coins were found on on the bug bears and the dark elf was no where to be seen. The question unanswered was what were the bug bears digging for?

The party returns to exploring the caves and finds a 10 foot door. There is talking heard behind the door. The party opens and sees a dark elf standing at a table along with 2 bug bears and a captive dwarf in the corner. Perhaps the missing Rockseeker brother?

First round the dark elf levels his staff and 3 of the party collapses to the floor. The door is shut and after a few moments of confusion, the 3 were brought back to consciousness. A sleep spell did its worse.

The bugbears seem to try to open the door but Woody and Eldwyn thought fast and tied the door off. The party retreated. Perhaps the easiest things had been found first and now what is left are the nastiest. And a dark elf that seems to be in the cave looking for something. The party returns to Phandalin to rest and ponder and perhaps decide how to get more experience before finishing off Wave echo cave.



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