A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5E 1/10/2015

Thunder tree and Wave echo in one night...

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter 3
Jordan – human sorcerer 3
Thomas – human Fighter 3
Paul – Woody human Ranger 4
James – Eldwyn elf cleric 3
Brandon – Rufus halfling bard 3

The adventure thus far -

After the last encounter with the bugbears and drow in Wave Echo, the party decided to travel more in the country side to gain further experience. With more experienced party members the final cleansing of Wave Echo should be easier.

The trip from Phandalin to Thundertree had a few minor encounters. First an ogre which was made quick work of and then orcs and a displacer beast that was more of a challenge. However the battles were done and the party continued on.

When Thundertree was reached it was obvious that it was still abandoned with ruined buildings and one lone hill with a crumbled ruin at its top. After searching a few empty buildings, the druid Andore was found and he immediately advised the party to leave as there were spiders and zombies and cloaked humaniods lurking about.

The party promptly ignored his advice and continued into the ruins. There was the feeling of being watched but nothing happened until the path to the tower was reached. A foul smell of bleach permeated the area and then the path was blocked by webs with a few husks hanging from it.

The party tried to start some of the webs on fire and cutting the web and also was looking into the interior of a nearby building. They were surprised by 2 large spiders that came out looking for food. A challenge but again the party killed the monstrous spiders and pressed on.

An old Alchemy shop was discovered and a piece of jewelry was found there. Across the way some noises were heard and the party went to investigate. The building had barred doors and shuttered windows and when challenged was indeed occupied. The occupants made no secret that they were there to talk to the dragon but the party felt it wasn’t the best use of resources and left them to their own plans.

The party headed back to Phandalin and without much ado, reached there and rested. The next day the party went to Wave Echo. Some problems with climbing down the rope and a few falls later the party headed deeper into the mine. A bugbear sentry saw the party first and fired a few shots and then left to alert the drow. The party cast spells and then pressed into the room. A long battle with darkness and bugbears and spiders ensued and even a doppleganger appeared. The party prevailed and found in a locked room nearby that the other Rockseeker brother was there.

The party stabilized him and after searching left the mine to return again soon to finish cleaning it out.

Each party member receives 10 down days.



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