A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 02/07/2015

Saviors of Greenest

… seems too easy.. .Grove, half orc fighter

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc fighter 4th level
Jordan – Hun Wu human sorcerer 3rd
Thomas – Balmura human fighter 4th
Paul – Woody human ranger 5th
Scott – elf druid 2nd

NPC – Droop goblin fighter 3rd

The adventure thus far:

The hearty band of adventurers is finishing up in Phandalin. The proceeds from Wave Echo are to be distributed to each individual and each individual has to return to Phandalin to claim his share. Sister Gareale has moved on as clerics of Luck god are want to do but the little temple of the fortune idol draws visitors to it every day. With the reopening of Wave Echo and this little temple, Phandalin is set to grow into a much larger town and perhaps even a true city.

Balmura and Woody decided to take time and go visit Winter Haven to see if they can find answers to questions about themselves and things they seek. They returned and the adventurers then found out that the Harpers had a mission. Further south, dragon cultists were gathering and plotting nefarious schemes. They have started to raid isolated villages and towns. The Harpers want to find out why.

The adventurers determine the route and set out for the village of Greenest. During the trip the group is assailed by a pack of displacer beasts and what looks like it may have meant a tough battle was interrupted by large reptilian form flying through the sky at which point the displacer beasts left the battle.

After two weeks of travel they arrive early in the evening just after sunset. As they come over a rise they see Greenest in flames with the central keep being circled by a blue dragon. The party carefully seeks cover, hides the mule and cart and heads to the keep. The situation is dire but not hopeless and the party pitches in with rescuing civilians and fighting kobolds and cultists.

The cart and mule was brought back to keep. A group of civilians were rescued from a temple that was under attack. A prisoner was brought back to the keep. The governor and keeper of keys advise the characters about the town and what is happening. The dragon, tired of just flying around decides to try and break into the keep and though it inflicts losses on the militia and adventurers, it was beaten back.

There is a momentary lull and then all the cultist force shows up in front of the keep. A dragon borne steps forward, identifies himself as Cyanwrath and challenges anyone to single duel to release prisoners. Woody steps forward and the battle is on.

Breath weapons, weapon blows exchanged and then Cyanwrath summons a mighty blow and drops Woody to the ground. The kobolds cheer and the prisoner is released and then the cultist army leaves the town.

The adventurers retrieve Woody and revive him and then do a long rest. In the morning the governor has a request for the adventurers….



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