A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

The gathering gloom

Many are there that want justice

Those goblins are tough… Greve, a few seconds before the scimitar ran him through.

Zephyr – Greve, now Grave 1/2 orc fighter
Will – jorn Dwarf Wizard
Jordan – Human Warlock

Experience for the three above 100 xp

The adventure thus far -

The three meet up in the port city of Verot. They enter the Water Witch tavern and there is a dwarf that speaking loudly about how he has plans to open a lost dwarven mine. He is buying drinks for everyone in the bar.

The three are drawn to the dwarf’s exuberance and listen to this tale. The dwarf mentions that the area is Stydian wilderness and there are goblins about. The room grows quiet and then most at the table excuse themselves and leave only the three.

Gerden turns to them and says’Lads, I will put it to ye bluntly. I need a wagon delivered to the mining town. I will pay you each 10 zachs to escort it. All three agree and Gerden continues. I must leave tonight with my associate Sildar. Here are the directions and here is where the wagon will be ready in the morning. There will be more rewards once you reach the town.

Gerden and Sildar excuse themselves and leave the inn. The sound of horse riding away rings in the still night air.

The three are up early and locate the warehouse with the wagon teamed with 2 oxen. heading off the party runs into nothing unusual. The group turns off the King’s Highway and heads down the dirt road leading to the mining town.

Five miles down the road, the woods grows quiet and suddenly black feathered arrows fly out of the woods. An ambush! The fight rages with arrows flying through the air together with eldritch blasts. The drwarf wizard went down early victim of the arrowns. Greve charged the goblins and managed to take out 2 but the goblin arrows found their target and took him down. Malcer stablilized jorn and then blasted the goblins. Another went down the and the last one took off.

Greve was dead, the arrows mortally wounded. His brother had followed him from Verot and joined the party just as the fight ended. One of the goblins was unconscious and after a short rest he came around. To save his life he led the party up the trail to the Cragmaw cave. The party killed 2 more goblins on guard and went inside. The approach a waterfall and the party ponders which way to go…



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