A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

Yaundae 9/1/2018
Setting out from Thingrundum

… this is a tale of 4 adventurers that left their compatriots behnd

Danier – Orias the Frost Dwarf
Zephyr – Manfred the Warlock
Jordan – Imhotep the Warmage
Ian – the Rune Mage Fighter

… the adventure thus far

Tis enough to say that this adventure was one of great magnitude, living by your wits and very little combat

From Manfred the Warlock

Manfred decided that his fight against the Minotaur’s was a futile effort that would only result with more dead adventurers. The corpse of a novice adventurer who was slain in the line of duty was shipped back to his homeland in a sealed chest. He didn’t consider this death to be fault, but a high rate of mortality among his companions does look poorly on his adventuring party. The party decided to make a change of pace and found work on a caravan heading to ruins that might hold great treasure. The pay wasn’t as good as when he guarded the ship earlier but the trip was far more safe. There was an encounter with a ghost storm that rolled through, speaking with the voice of his comrade who had died, and a dragon flew overhead, but no one was injured during the pleasant journey.

the party begin their journey through the plains to reach the ruins. there was small skirmish with a group of cowardly goblins hiding in the trees, but there were no fatalities among the new recruits. No one in the party was skilled at gathering food off the land but luckily they came across a small dragon that dropped off a buffalo for them to kill. Manfred used his magic to preserve the corpse so that they could take it with them despite not having the tools of skills to preserve meat.

A strange tower appeared in the plains outside their camp and the party investigated. The party explored the tower and learned through a tongue spell some information about the towers creation from overhearing a couple of wizards who appeared to be a result of some sort of magic. In order to use the tower you must give up part of your soul to it. the tower had strange gears and mechanisms and appeared to be some sort of astral lighthouse. they used the tower to travel to an island where they were able to gather ancient dwarven coins from a pool of water guarded by a monster with giant tentacles. the dwarf in the party wanted to give the money to the dwarves but Manfred felt it was legitimate salvage.

The party returned to where they came but somehow wound up in the past, and realized that’s where they had traveled to all along, where Manfred was promptly arrested by the local police. the guards at his cell treated him fairly but weren’t very friendly or talkative. Manfred was unable tor receive power from his patron and so was reduced to merely having the abilities of a common charlatan like he was in the past. a wizard helped him return to the present and he was able to send a message into the past using sending spell he bought at the adventuring company of tier to direct his companions to find the wizard as well. The party were all dropped off in Victory where they had started. The adventure was certainly the strangest experience Manfred has ever had.

From Imhotep, Wizard with War Magic –
My bodyguards and I took a job to kill some Minotaur with this odd adventuring group, I am not sure about them. we went into the mines and were confronted by some mechanism that appeared to be immune to all damage that we could do, even my spells did nothing. This thing rolled right over Hondo, my bodyguard. I was saddened by his loss, though to be fair, it was kind of his fault, I must do my best to console his brother. I gathered what I could of hondo’s body in a sack and gave it to his brother, who had it sent back to Drom. We held a memorial for Hondo then went to the Adventuring company to get another job. I had to actually join though, since I found this lot and did not go through the Adventuring company the first time. We found out about a Forest to one side of the mountains, an Island in the middle of Shipwreck Cove (I wonder why it was named that, hehehe) that no one has ever seen. You know, if no one has ever seen it, then where do the stories come from, I wonder? Anyways, we decided to visit the ruins of an ancient city that had a stockpile of magic items hidden in it by some eccentric Wizard (we are an eccentric lot) in the plains on the other side of the mountain. We joined up with this caravan going over the mountains and saw some odd stuff, for starters, a few days into our travel, one of the caravan leaders says to hide under a cliff and be quiet, a few moments later there was some great shadow, clearly a very large dragon and we saw a very unusual storm that some of the others said had strange voices in it, though I couldn’t hear it. I would like to discount this as a hallucination or trick, I know the magic of the world is a mysterious thing that no mortal can hope to fully explain. After we reached the other side of the mountain, we parted ways with the caravan and set out over the plains, I began mapping, not my specialty, but I will do my best. we fought goblins on the trip that were trying to hide in a tree. Most ran, though one kept hiding in a tree. my bodyguard cut the tree down with the assistance of the dwarf and killed the goblin. Later, we found a magic well, that made the dwarf 10 feet tall, well, naturally I took note of it’s location as best as I could so I could come back and better study it with the proper tools. The next day we met a mischievous brass dragon named Shax who tried illusions on some of us,I saw through this and pointed him out to the group. After talking to him for a bit and introducing ourselves, he gave us a buffalo, which was nice, and then he flew off. we carved some meat off and, upon hearing a rumble of some sort, vacated the area in time to see a stampede of buffalo, likely caused by them seeing a dragon take one of their own. we rested in a cave one night and awoke to a black tower in ruins at the entrance to the cave. The dwarf went in first, followed by my bodyguard then me. The dwarf saw a bunch of skeletons on the top floor, but could not see them when he was on the first floor. When I entered the tower first, I took notice of the asthetic of the first floor, it had a summoning circle in the center and holes with several skulls inside across the floor. Upon hearing the sounds of the dwarf fighting skeletons, the others came in and I made a plan, the dwarf and the barbarian run up the stairs and clear a space for me and the half orc to come up. as we finalize the plan and ready to implement it, the warlock walks through the door and it snaps shut, after which the tower seems to fix itself. The skull holes were gone, though the summoning circle was there, it seemed different, and seemed to be counting down in a strange language that I do not know. We saw illusory mages on the 2nd floor that began decaying when my associate tapped one of their goblets with his double bladed axe (that the dwarf has been drooling over since he saw it). we made our way past them and up to the next floor, but as we went up, all gravity seemed to change and I went flying. It took us some time to get used to it enough to get up to the next floor(side note: I must attempt to get this in a room, this “bouncy tower” spell was quite fun). The next floor proved to be a light house, complete with the exterior walls being glass, and a becon in the middle. Outside the glass was the interesting part, though. we seemed to be going through some darkness with dancing lights, I would likely say that this is the astral plane. We went into the attic and discovered a wooden chest that the warlock opened. Upon opening it, a green-flaming skull came out. It asked the warlock where he wished to go, so naturally the warlock said that he wished to go to the treasure island in the middle of shipwreck cove. The tower began travelling and we were there shortly. we left the warlock in the tower to make sure it didn’t leave us stranded and went to a cave we saw in the distance. The cave went down for a ways, then ended in a chamber with a well filled with water. I tossed a light down and we saw tons of gold coins. we decided that I should go, me weighing the least from those present, the group consisting of me( a human), a dwarf, an armored human, and a half orc. I tied a rope around me and told the others to pull me up if I give 2 tugs on the rope. I dive down and see that it is indeed a ton of gold, so I swim back up, grab a sack and fill it with gold coins. I get 2 1/2 sacks filled before I see a rather large tentacle coming towards me. I pull twice on the rope and get out in time to see a large tentacle shoot out of the well and flail around trying to get us. we go to the tower and wait a few hours before the warlock gets the courage to try himself. From what I hear, he got 1 handful before being tossed out of the well by the tentacle. we then use the tower to travel to the ruined city, the problem was that we did not specify when we wanted to be dropped off. during the travel, we learned more of the tower, that it was corrupted by a Lich and used to travel space and time, quite similar to a Spelljammer, naturally I was interested, as I have always dreamed of being one. We also learned more of the construction and operation of the tower, most importantly that it requires a soul to operate, and that it’s owner will eventually come for it. The tower seemed to drop us off in a fully inhabited and well-kept city.the tower disappeared as soon as we all exited. The warlock spotted the tower down the street and went to get some answers. The rest of us backed off and watched as he was arrested, then hid on a roof as the guards searched the city. After the guards gave up the search, we slipped into the sewers and hid for a while,making our way to the edge of the city in the sewers. The exit was blocked by cold iron bars, which implies fey on the other side. As we were resting in the sewers (eww, I needed a major bath after this). We awoke to several sporadic thuds from the city above and were surprised when a crack opened above us, I thought the guards were coming us, but when they lifted me to take a look I saw a shadow similar to a dragon or something similarly enormous, and we decide to go to the castle in the middle, thiinking it is the safest spot. it takes us some time, but we made it, following the sewers uphill. we emerged into a nice bathroom and came out in a noble’s empty changing room, apparently they had already abandoned the city with as much as they could. I looked out upon the city and saw it burning, saw bodies, the buildings were in ruins and the town was filled with smoke from several fires. we decided we needed to get the hell out of here, as this castle will almost certainly be destroyed. we hopped back into the sewers(again, eww) and the dwarf began praying while my bodyguard and I planned, when the dwarf suddenly disappeared. we were surprised, I figure his god must have helped him, Warthax would not assist us in this way. It was then that we got a message from the warlock, who was back in victory. Apparently the magister realized he was not in his correct time and sent him back. we decided that it was worth a try and we went to where the Warlock told us. We emerged from the sewers to devastation and chaos, people running, buildings burning and much more. we ran to the magister, but we got separated, as I felt that if I was actually in the middle of the dragon wars, I was duty-bound as a man of intellect to observe and document it, during this time I managed to gather a set of peasant clothes, it might be interesting to Study the differences in style, and progression of crafting techniques over centuries or more, and I can probably sell the patterns to a tailor for a bit of money. after observing the chaos and gathering notes for a while, I found the magister and we were sent to victory. my bodyguard and I immediately went to a bath house and took a bath for about an hour, after which I went to a local chapter of the Sage’s guild and gave them my first-hand account of the end of the Viscayan Civilization in the Dragon Wars. They gave me 10 Zachs, but more importantly, my knowledge of that day was preserved for others to study. I still must decide what I must do with my cut of the Ancient dwarf coins, though I do agree that it should be with the dwarves, I do feel that we should be compensated for gathering them. Now we must conside our next move, as 2 of our group are still in the city that we left.

Yaundae 5e 8/18/2018
Deep into the minotaur lair

… do Minotaur have priests?

The treasure from last adventure -

Potion of greater healing, potion of climbing, 10+1 arrows, potion of resistance, potion of fire breath, drift globe and a note written in giant

233cp 47 sp 23 Z 5pp

The adventurers -

Thomas – Karash
Jordan – Rakash
Zephyr –
Kristin – Tamrissa
Ian – Eukaryst

The adventure thus far…

After arriving at our destination, I was able to find a fellow practitioner of the clerical arts to bolster my abilities. Finding new spells available to me, most likely due to my superior half orc and half human linage, but also thanks to the glorious Grimsob, I rejoined the party. Off to fight the minotaurs we had journeyed so long to find. Making contact with one of the dwarves in charge of the mines, they supplied up was lanterns for the non superiors that can not see in the dark. I did take advantage of their offer of pitons and rope.

Off to the mines, we were lead down a long passageway and to a door with guards. Waving us through the quickly closed it behind us. Working carefully through the tunnels, we were surprised by what seemed a smaller minotaur. After kicking up spore, we dispatched the beast with haste. Moving deeper still, in a slightly larger chamber, a chest sat before us. Doing our best to discern any traps and concluding there were none, we opened the box. Immediately the floor was gone and we were sliding down a chute. My incredible half breed abilities made me aware of the danger moments before the trap was sprung, but knowing the pure bloods would likely be to slow to escape in time I figured it best to stay with the group.

Getting a feel for our surroundings, we were now in a worked stone room with a book in the center. The warlock deciding to check it out, was pulled into the book in a flash. After taking a second two to grieve, I was over his passing and ready to find a way out of this place, but before I could do much more the book shook and the warlock was spat out. Seemed even the demons wanted nothing to do with this odd fellow. Deciding there was no other way but forward, we opened a door only to find another book at the end of a hall. This was no light reading as when it was touched a rock fell from the ceiling and did some damage to the group. Not a few moments in to digging the other party out, we were set upon by large minotaurs. Barely surviving this encounter we returned to the original room and were able to climb back out thanks to the druid.

After telling the guards of what we found, they shuffled us off to find a place to rest for the night. The next day, renewed once more, we tried to return to our mine entrance. The dwarves had mobilized a larger force and moved us to another entrance as we apparently had caused a little more trouble than we thought in the other. Finding ourselves in a large room, we found a few traps and were able to sneak past. Down a few more hallways and a company of what appeared to be some kind of bear were eating around a fire. Hoping to get the jump on them, they retreated behind a door. As we worked to drive them out, 3 more minotaur’s were upon us from another hall. Defeating one, only to have it rise again as a skeleton, we fought it back down again. Vanquishing the second minotaur, from somewhere came the idea to behead it to get the necklace we had learned was a symbol of their evil ruler off its corpse before it turned into a skeleton like its friend. Circling back around behind us, we were hit by a fireball from their shaman. Realizing we were unable to take on this new foe after its two friends, we quickly made our way for the exit, the dwarves closing the gate behind us as we made out escape.

Another day of rest and I am ready for whatever we face next.

Yaundae 5e 08/11/2018
Where the minotaurs are...

Viscolae – clan of Baldea – city of Thingrundum
Though the the huge isand is claimed by the Empire of Tyrean, the Baldae mountain range is home to clan Baldea. The main clan holding of Thingrundum is located on the western edge of the mountains and is in fact a large sea port owing to its unique harbor and the sheer mountains the meet the sea. Founded in the same age as Khazadum. Known for its fleets and its world ranging trade, it brings many strange and curious items from far flung exotic locales.
Races – Sea Dwarf and Hill dwarves.
Classes – Bard, Cleric Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Sorcerer, Wizard
Alignment – Since it comes into contact with races from all over the world, the Baldae are more tolerant of different views. However those that claim this clan must be Lawful or Good.

Yaundae 5e 08/04/2018
Here we go adventuring

… those are tough goblins


Character: Karash
Current Level: 2
Current XP: 580

Escaping our run in with the castle and those inferior orcs, who only by sheer numbers, forced our retreat. Arriving back in Victory, we found that we had lost two of our party members after they insisted on sleeping outside the city in the woods. Spending some time communing with Grimsob, the remaining lot and I almost gave up and moved on, but on the morning of the 30th day, they appeared and spoke as if only a day had passed.

Taking a job to hunt Minotaurs, we found work as hired help on a ship heading to the island where the creatures reside. Starting our 14 day voyage, we soon encountered some water cultists. Hiding in some seaweed, they sprang out at us after creeping close to the ship. I tried to help the blue dwarf over the side to see better what approached, but he was quite resistant to the idea.

A few days later taking advantage of a storm, I dropped my armor and began to clean up. Not long before I had started did a large bird creature fly in, lured by what had to have been the largest worm he’d ever seen. Dispatching it quickly we later dined on its tasty flesh.

Ever closer to our destination, a curious floating object was spotted off the side of the ship. Pulling in closer, we managed to fish the chest out of the water. Attempting to get to the treasure inside, the chest sprung to life and began attacking. It was not long before we had the thing smashed to splinters.

Only a few days away, there is a sudden crash on the deck, turning to see what struck, a goblin rose to its feet. Noticing on a rocky cliff was an ogre with a catapult firing goblins directly at the ship. While we killed the incoming goblins, the ranger made swift work of the orge.

At last we reached a carved cliffside with a large gated entry. Giving the signal the gates were opened and we entered the city. Taking some days to reflect on our journey and train in our disciplines, we prepared to face the minotaurs.

Yaundae 5e 7/7/2018
At the end of the Tomb of Annihilation

…. we defeated Ascerak

The Adventurers – PCs:
Frederak, human wizard
Tasslandia, elf ranger
Dane, mountain dwarf paladin

Dragonbait, sarial paladin
human ranger
Dao – djinn


… the adventure thus far…

After defeating the Atropol and chasing the Lich away, a few of the party searched the room, as we had time to kill for our giant friends to become regular sized once more. Finding nothing we could use, we pushed through the portal at the back of the room. Now in a long chamber with lava and an alter at the far side of the room, we thought best to move forward. Not halfway through the room, the Lich reappeared and another close battle ensued. After realizing he was no match for us, suddenly he was in the center of the room, snapped his staff and a huge explosion. The smoke clearing we found Dragon bait unconscious, but were able to revive him quickly.

Onward to the alter, and suddenly we were in a new room with Nothics chained to the walls. In the center of the room, a man sized sack was sewed shut. Cutting it open we found none other than Volo, creator of Volo’s guide of Monsters. Asking for an autograph on mine, I stashed it away to study whenever we made camp. Sensing no danger, we freed then, and they gratefully offered some valuable information. Finding a hallway with 3 colored arches and one pointed to by charred bones, we help off on the exit and walked down the purple path. Pushing through a wall, we were now in a room with books, tons and tons of books, the only soul a man in glasses sleeping. Waking him, he gave us free roam to read and copy what we like. While I copies the Private Sanctum spell, the others searched the shelves for anything of interest. Casually mentioning a name, the old man suddenly grew still for a short time. When he asked if he had heard a name I thought it best to play dumb.

Having our fill, we returned to the hall and walked towards the arch with no path. Opening the door a black pool lay before us. Just as we were examining it a wall of fire began to push down the we had come from. With some excellent memory from Orvix we used the black marbles we received from the hags to finally escape this nightmare place and breath the sweet, humid jungle air once more.

Remembering the Fallen Star, we used the gem to resurrect her, offering her adventuring company should she ever need companions. Back to our benefactor, we were granted our reward, an exquisite magic item. I choose a Helm of Teleportation. Lastly we set off to return the chalice and the items to the grand daughter of Queen Napaca.

Yaundae 5e 06/10/2018
Epic battle in the tomb

… what is at the bottom of the stairs?

the adventurers –
Frederick Tevil – human wizard
Pirate, – 8th level rogue
Dane, mountain dwarf paladin 11th level

NPCs –
Dragonbait, sarial paladin
Artis Cimber, human ranger
Kala, Dao fighter
Yak, funny skull

After another uneasy night barricaded in with the remnants of the mechanical mastodon, we continued once more, hoping the end of this terrible place was not far. Returning to the room the red gems, the adamantine portcullis and the various items around the wall, we gravitated towards the large clock. After some debate and a check for traps, the front cabinet was opened and out rolled a mechanical creature. It tried several times to return to the clock but was blocked. Moving closer to examine the little thing, it’s defenses were triggered and the machine was quickly destroyed. This however made the stone above the clock glow. Making our way through the other 4 areas of the room, we defeated hobgoblins, orcs, a done devil, and worst of all wisps. After what I recognized as a cloud kill spell and the wisps killing the Sladd, the party was barely able to scrape by. Returning to our mastodon room, we tended to our wounds once more.

Feeling much better after some rest, we set out, back to the room with the large adamantine portcullis. The large entrance now sat open as all 5 gems glowed red. Through the opening, the path lead further down into tomb, stopping at a long smelly hallway filled with bits and pieces of metal. Noting the suspicious nature of the rusted metal, the rogue was volunteered to strip and traverse the hallway. Reaching the end, I saw him pull a large ring from a stone figured mouth. Testing the hall with a coin, we moved towards our chilly rogue and returned his equipment. Deciding to wait on the pathway from within the hall, our attention was drawn to a large chain entering a void at the top and bottom of its rotation. Our Doa companion told us this was a Mechanis chain and it was most likely keeping all the traps in the tomb running. Seeing a balcony on the other side, we started to work our way across the gap, making every effort not to touch the chain. Before we could get but one person across, more mechanical creatures were upon us. The battle was quickly decided after hurling an Otilukes Freezing sphere up the shaft taking out most of the attackers.

Across the gap and into a room with large spheres surrounding a central sphere, on which was an incredible detailed map of Yande. As we got close a door opened to a seat within the main sphere. Before we could stop him the rogue was inside the device and pulling levers. The fighter went to pull the door open, and while attempting to do so was struck with a powerful electrical bolt. Finally prying the door open, we pulled the rogue from the chair. Entering the chamber myself and sliding a few levers, the bright sphere opened spilling out 5000 zachs all over the floor. Taking some time to collect the coins, I then took all the necessary time to make a fateful copy of the detailed map covering the central sphere.

Back to the hall with the metal scraps, we now turned our attention to the passage in the middle we had previously passed. It lead down yet again and this time to a room filled with items. Using my treasure sense, I detected nothing and advised my companions to not touch the false treasure. Past this room was a large chamber with a cage and cauldron in the center, a large door at the back of the room and two balconies. Finding some odd toys and helping them, they offered us a charm while we had them in our possession. Checking each of the balconies, we found rooms, all with a lever that we needed to pull, all guarded by a nefarious trap. Laughing as the rogue got stuck in one of these traps by eating some of the food and trying to leave the room, we were finally able to get him out. As we pulled the last of the levers, a dark feeling fell over the room and before we could react 3 hags appeared in the room. Defeating these horrid hags was no easy task, all the while having to keep the lid on the cauldron as its putrid vapors would have been our undoing. Freeing the souls trapped in the toys, the levers had reveled slots in the door, shaped suspiciously like the skulls that dangled from my sides. Sliding each into its corresponding slot the door slid open revealing a large triangle room with a huge cylinder in the center of the room, swimming with what could only be the trapped souls of the dead. At the top of the chamber, a grotesque creature was attached sucking in souls as it pleased. Casting multiple sun beams, volleys of arrows from Artis, the Doa’s might hammer, and the axe power of the paladin, we not only destroyed the Soul Monger and freed all the trapped souls within, we were then able to vanquish the horrid creature known as Atropol the Unholy. Not long after we destroyed the creature, Acererak the lich appeared, hurling spells at anyone he could reach. The rogue, being trapped on the lower level of the room was tossed a potion of giant size one of the party had given to Dragonbait. Guzzling the potion on the narrow ledge, the rogue became massive, and immediately fell backwards into the hot hot liquid.

After an intense battle, Acererak fled, leaving us worse for the wear, still needing to find a way out of this accursed place

Yaundae 04/14/2018
Locked into the tomb

… a dao and a grey slaad.. .oh my

Thomas – Frederik half elf wizard
Jordan – Dane mountain dwarf paladin
Will – Nasim human ranger
Zephyr – Tslanda elf ranger

NPC – Artus Cimber
NPC – Dragonbait

the adventure thus far…

Having misplace his notes from their prior delve into the tomb Frederik did his best to recall the events, but he found them to be a bit hazy. After surviving another night in this dank tomb, we pushed back down a level following the same stairs behind the secret door we had discovered prior, only to find the undead wrenches returned to their work in the abomination kitchen. Dispatching them as quickly as possible, we readied ourselves to surprise the wizard in his study and dispatch him before he could vanish. After a few good hits, he was gone again, and we were left to press onward.

Deciding to venture even deeper, we descended another floor via the main stair case, we found a room that seemed to resemble the frog beast we had slain outside the temple that held one of the puzzle boxes. Attempting to solve the riddle, of his servants, we were quickly attached. Fending the creatures off, we were able search the room. Listening to the voice in my head, I urged the others to leave this treasure, as the god it was dedicated to might not be the most helpful.

Searching the floor further, we found a dead end hall way with carve niches on either side. Not trusting this place, I searched the hallway finding a secret door. Creeping down our newly discovered path, we came to a poorly kept room. Feeling a warmth at my side, I pulled the stone I had taken from the wizards study out and held it firmly. A strong presence made itself known instantly, while a faint voice bade me to focus on control. Doing just that a lizard creature appeared begrudging the fact I held this stone. Questioning the creature revealed him to be a slaad and the object I held to be his control stone. Offering that perhaps a bargain could be struck to free him, and the lack of choice for the moment, he joined our party.

After some playful banter between the party, and a strong focus on not allowing the slaad to join in, we return to our fountain room to gather our strength to reach the bottom of this vast labyrinth.

Yaundae 5e 03/10/2018
Sealed in the tomb

…. Wongo says to drink the water

The adventurers -

Thomas – Frederick half elf wizard
Jordan – Dain mnt dwarf paladin
Will – Nasim human ranger gloom stalker
Zephyr – Micheal human paladin

Artus – NPC Ranger
Dragon bait – NPC paladin

the adventure thus far…

After retrieving the puzzle cubes and letting Ras Nsi slither off unscathed for the moment, the party took a some time to think where the puzzle cubes fit. Our trusty Sage reminded the party of a strange black obelisk we had passed in the North of the city. Returning to the area, we quickly found the strange black monolith. Feeling dark energy, our Paladins warned of an evil presence within the stone. Finding a door not far with 8 slots, familiarly shaped and two small tunnels, we took our time to explore the first small tunnel. Discovering a secret chamber at the back of the narrow tunnel, a small pendant with an eye shape was waiting. Putting on the trinket, we the group checked the other tunnel, with the eye, and some time we were able to clear the vines and find a similar door, this one with nine puzzle cube shaped slots. Deciphering the riddle, I placed the Unkh cube in the middle and set each opposing god across from each other. The sage was a help recounting once more the story of the Omuian gods and their rivals.

Placing the last cube, the party clinched expecting a most horrible trap. Instead, Success! The door opened and we continued inward. The Michael, the Paladin in training, pushed on ward ahead, setting off a dart trap and was quickly peppered. After a scolding from his master, we were able to find and plug the dart holes. Further inward we pushed, this time coming to a level at the end of hall. Moving closer to the door a skull with an hourglass appeared from above us, counting down quickly. Paralyzed with inaction, the floor disappeared from under half the party to reveal a spiked put. Reacting quickly and casting a feather fall spell, the unfortunates that were dropped into the pit, myself included, we floated gently down landing softly on the spikes. Returning to the main floor, the trap reset. Michael pushed quickly to the lever, holding it in the up position, the countdown completed again, this time opening the door.

Pushing further still, a large demon faced wall with an open mouth filled with inky blackness. One of the group decided to place their hand inside, it was hastily retracted, coming out with a deep slash, as if from large claws. Deciding to leave this for later, we followed the hall, finding a deep center chamber and a balcony. Making a plan to search the current floor first, we happened upon a chamber with an statue of a Knight holding a large metal shield and rusty bits all around on the floor. Moving into the room a strong pull towards the statue if any metal objects were worn or held was felt. Taking off all metal, I moved into the room to examine. Seeing nothing amiss, the ranger tossed in a metal dagger, which was pulled directly to the shield, and whose metal was quickly rusted to nothing. Taking a bedroll and placing it over the shield for safety, I searched further. One room containing a fountain with statues pouring water into the base and a second dead end hallway. Searching closer in the hallway, I discovered two hidden doors, one a set of stairs and the other a large room with large sarcophagus in the center, surrounded by 6 skeletons with paper machete masks standing guard.

Calling the rest of the group in, we quickly dispatched the skeletons, being careful to preserve the masks. Upon opening the lid of the sarcophagus, we found a ring, which the ranger decided to put on. He seemed to lose focus for a moment, but was quickly back to usual self. Saving the stairs for later, we searched more of the balcony, finding more rooms on this floor to explore. Coming to a large skull with an open mouth and two flaming eyes, the could see another chamber through its open jaw. The dwarf, being small in stature, climbed through the open mouth and immediately one of the flames went out in the eyes. Listening from the other side the more adept Paladin relayed seeing another sarcophagus and a crystal box with a floating skull inside. Michael decided, against the rest of the parties objections, to follow into the chamber. The second flame was out. Hearing some commotion inside, mostly what appeared to be Michael talking to the skull, the dwarf pushed open the sarcophagus and found a staff. Grabbing it and heading for the skull’s entrance, he handed me the staff. Upon climbing through the jaws slammed shut. Barely managing to pry open the mouth again and some quick thinking by Artis, the jaw was reopened and pinned as not to allow it to close again. Peering back into the chamber, we witnessed Michael smashing the crystal box and fighting the skull from inside. Allowing myself to succumb to the will I felt from the staff, I began to hear the voice of Moa and the sudden urge to be truthful over took me. It was not a feeling I was too familiar with.

After a good tongue lashing for Michael, the party remained confident enough to explore more. Finding one more chamber on our current floor, this room contained another sarcophagus and 3 chests. Trying to move the lid, we were unable to pry it free. A further examination of the chests, the group discovered keys set in keyholes at the bottom of the chests. Attempting to turn one yielded no results. Noting the chests appeared big enough for a person, we volunteered Michael to lay inside, close the list and turn the key. After repeating this for each box, and Michael taking various forms of damage for his errors, the lid was now able to be opened. Finding a mace, the group deemed it only fair to let Michael keep it.

Quite hurt and exhausted, we looked for a place to rest for the night and recover. Not wanting to risk leaving the tomb and resetting the door, the party decided upon the room with the fountain to take refuge. Searching thoroughly for any secret doors, as they seemed to be very common in this place, we found nothing and decided this was a good a place as any to defend. After our search, Michael decided to take a drink from the fountain pool. Writhing in pain, before we knew what was happening, Michael was again dead before us, only this time turning to a pile of dust. Noting he didn’t last quite as long this time, I emptied a water skin and filled it with water from the fountain, ensuring to mark it visibly as to not drink it on accident.

With that, the party attempted to rest for the night.

Yaundae 5e 02/17/2017
Last push for puzzle boxes

… what do we need puzzle boxes for

Another day, another venture into adventure and or danger, the party was fresh for our return into the ruined city. Continuing our search for buildings that looks significant, we at last came to the one of the flooded areas of the city. Coming to the bank, we took great care to scan the waters any signs of danger, most of us seeing nothing, the Ranger spotted several crocodiles hungrily patrolling near by. With some quick thinking, the we retuned to the room of the kobold slaughter and used their remains as bait to lure the beast away while we crept into their domain.

Circumventing the water hazard, we found another temple, that clearly stood out from the rest. Entering the chamber a with several statues with human bodies and animal heads. Recalling my recent time as a boar, this room was particularly unnerving and there was a sudden craving to find some mud. Upon casting a light cantrip a small passage was revealed behind the bat headed statue. The rogue scouted the tunnel finding an odd carving on the wall. After some time pondering its relevance, it was noted the number of squares matches the number of letters on a riddle we encountered in the previous room. Using only the remaining letters we were able to solve the riddle and attain our prize. Another puzzle box was ours!

Having received no injuries with our distraction of the crocodiles, we pushed on past the flooded area to and followed the curved wall of the inner city along the outskirts to the east. Finding another temple guarded by frog people, we were able to convince them to allow us into the temple if we recued the chiefs son. Agreeing, we push southward where the chief informed us his son had been taken.

As we made our way south the I barely overheard the rogue mention a name a few times and before I knew what was going on a great demon appeared before us. Within an instant the bird was down, I thought to attempt a rescue, but I quickly came to my senses. Declaring he needed a sacrifice and the bird was not enough, which understandable, the ranger was on the rogue and soon had him unconscious. With that the beast was gone and before we could even try to make sense of what had transpired, a company of Paladins came riding in, clearly drawn by whatever that was. After taking a moment to purify the lands the demon had been summoned from, I recognized our dead companion from the Cliffside fall, alive and well. His mentor offered both their services as we were down two party members.

Continuing towards the south of the inner city, we found yet another temple. This time, with company of 20 , I felt much less worried that I had the whole time I’ve been in this crazy place. Finding a hallway with intricate depictions of every day life on Omu and several empty torch holders, we came to a room with a large pool in the center. An image of a Sun above the pool and when the pools waters were still a moon in the reflection. After dropping a coin into the pond and watching it disappear, the paladin bravely decided to climb in. He vanished, I followed and found myself in a similar room, but with a moon on the ceiling and a sun in the still reflection. Exploring the area, I found a secret passage, through which another secret door that lead back to the entrance of the temple. Trying the other door in the room with the pool, we discovered several lit torches. Bringing them to the entrance and back to the hallway, we placed them into the empty torch holders. The wall came alive and all of the villagers began preforming their tasks and every day activities. Returning to the room in which we found the torches, now the 7th puzzle box was ours.

Learning the frog people had been slaughtered by the wizards of Cathay, we know they possess two of the boxes. Figuring there were nor more boxes to find, the final push into the center of the city began. Making our way down and under through a passage, the paladin company aided us in clearing out the underground area. Dispatching the weaker enemies we camped, preparing for the battle ahead.

Yuandae 5e 02/11/2018
Tomb of Annihilation

.. that is a big lizard…

The adventurers

Daniel – Lan high elf 7th level cleric
Zephyr – Zeed aaracockra 7th level barbarian
Jordan – Karak kobold 7th level rogue
Thomas – Frederek half elf 7th level wizard

The adventure thus far…

Once more into the city we venture in search of the remaining puzzle boxes, treasure, and ancient knowledges. Continuing down the center raised highway, the party continued to search buildings, looking for any that would standout as a keeper of our prizes. Instead being met with a dilapidated cart and a strong smell of honey, we stopped to examine. I aided the bird in flipping the cart to discover a stone tablet. Stepping closer to read the tablet, a creature I recognized from one of the temples appeared. Not really doing much, we ushered the scribe to translate the tablet. The tablet made mention of a Queen Napaca, I made some notes incase her name were to come up again. The stone being too heavy to carry, we moved on with our search. The chawinga did not follow.

After another hour of searching, we came to another building that had that the trademark shrine look to them. Five entrances awaited our approach. Choosing the center path, we entered, finding a circular room with a monkey, hands and feet cupped, tho he was upside down. The scribe’s use once again proved it self in translating a riddle from the statue about being Wongos friend. Deciding the boar was Wongos one true pal, I poured water into the paw that was pointed out while peering through the boar mask. Being asked to choose myself or the party, I decided not to betray their confidence and choose myself. A flash of light and I found my self much smaller and craving a good roll in the mud. The party shuffled and I was returned from what I was told was the form of a boar. The fourth cube was ours! Squee…. I mean Huzzah!

Working our way towards the what appeared to be an amphitheater, a strong foul smell arose and large piles of dung started to appear. Before we could think, a feathered T-Rex and several smaller raptors were upon us. The bird, finally taking point in front of the impending danger, the TRex passed him right by and was on the cleric. Taking down the cleric, he was spat out, smelling the residual boar, the beast was upon me. Blacking out, I reawoke to a the battle still raging. Finally defeating the creature, we took a moment to catch our breath. No longer winded, we took shelter in the rooms under the ampitheatre, finding time to short and a much needed long rest. Searching the next day we found several treasures. We even took some trophies from the king of feathers.

The cleric had to continue meditating, so the rest of the party took some time to explore some of the more regular areas of the city. Finding some blue mist in a few rooms, the rogue braved the danger and we recovered several nice items, even a bag of holding!

Making our way to what looked like a market, the rogue disarmed several goblin traps and found a room infested with the little buggers. Stepping in, taking a rot grub and a fire pot, I blasted the room with a fireball. All but the 3 were killed. Allowing myself to get hit by the fireball to burn the rot grub before it was able to get under my skin. Quickly dispatching the remaining sorcerer and inventors. Taking their trove of copper and items. We returned to the hastily fortified room below the amphitheater, we slept, ready to delve deeper into the city.


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