A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 3/26/2016
Wandering the Undermountain

… the Undermountain is easy…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc 10th
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer 10th
David – Human Fighter Eldritch Knight

The adventure thus far…

All of the adventurers returned from White Plume after an intense wild magic episode on the road back to Deepwater. The episode leaves no memory in any of the party but all the mental issues have been cleared.

However, all the spells are cleared from the spell users and the books and scrolls are all wiped clean.

Jorn does find a book that he doesn’t recognize that seems burnt on the outside but it does have spells. He will need to transfer them to his regular spell book.

After getting back to Deep water, the 3 above decide to wander about the Castle Ward and find the inn called the Yawning Portal. Which has a well in the middle of the room with direct access to the Undermountain.

it seems the corridors smell dank and claustrophobic and they wander a bit before coming across a pillar room. Found some sticks and a key.

Exiting the room 2 trolls bear down on the party.

The fight was fierce and cutting off legs and arms slowed the trolls down but they proved determined. However, the last troll went down after being decapitated and burned.

After looking about they tried to find the missing party but instead two more trolls appeared ready to fight. The adventurers then retreated.

The party returned back to the Yawning portal.

The next day went down again but a flaming corridor and huge carrion crawler made the party rethink and after cutting up the creature, went back to the yawning party to rest and train.

WOY5e 9/14/2015
Deep is the Undermountain

Thomas – get an extra 150 xp for bringing snacks and plates
Jordan – get an extra 50 xp for bringing soda.

The story thus far –
Zephyr – Raganos drow Warlock
Jordan – Davida goliath barbarian
Thomas – Doogan dwarf cleric

The party as it is has decided to head back to Westport ( AKA Waterdeep & DeepWater ). After training and finding a place to kennel the bear, Doogan, Raganos and Davida decide to explore Westport (AKA Waterdeep & Deepwater). Having learned that Mount Westport is riddled with caves and perhaps the residence of a mad wizard they decided to go exploring.

Near Black Dog alley, an apparition appeared of a phantom dog and a knight. Following the knight leads to a silver circle in the ground. After some digging a large hole is found. The party went and got some spelunking gear, the party descended and found a small shaft that after a few hundred feet of crawling (and no encounters) opened out into a dark and steep stairway.

After some initial bumps and slips, the party decides to head down the stairs and into a prepared orc ambush. The fighting was intense and after killing 6 orcs and the threat of immolation, not to mention the grievous injury that Davida suffered to his arm , the party pulls back and heads back to the surface.

The party then went down the shaft of the hole to the bottom and fought a hungry mimic. In the other chest was the remnants of the phantom knight.

His coat of arms barely visible on the rusted remnants of his shield, the party was directed to an Order of Paladins. They gratefully rewarded the party for returning the remains of the knight and asked the party to investigate the rumors of demons being released in the Underdark since Raganos is a drow. The party agreed and Davida’s arm was regenerated. The party now at full health trains and will head out on its next mission.

Experience was divided.

Sadly no treasure other than the big orcs great axe.

WOY5e 8/8/2015

Zephyr – appearing as Ranagos the drow Sorcerer
Will – appearing as Werrack the mountain dwarf paladin
Jordan – appearing as Davida the goliath barbarian.

Each player character for this adventure gets 100 xp.

Alas… no treasure… yet…

These adventurers picked up on the rumor about the evil at Red Rock. Once there the zombies were back in force and it took some time to kill them all.

The party was hurt and retreated and found a hobbit homestead to stay at for the night. The next day the adventures moved past the foul rotting remnants of the slain zombies entered into the necromancer cave.

It did not go well. Fighting crawling hands and zombies and skeletons and the necromancer himself made the party retreat for adventure another day.

WOY5E 7182015
The Sumbering Hills and Elemental Evil

… there be evil in them thar hills….

Zephyr – Raganos Drow Warlock
Jordan – Thud Goliath Barbarian
Thomas – Doogan Dwarf Cleric

… the adventure thus far…

After coming to Westport (AKA Deepwater, WaterDeep) and rumbling about for a few days, the people met in the Yawning Inn and heard tales of adventure.

There is also heard that there is something elemental that is stiring in the Sumbering hills.

The party set out for Red Larch and after a week of uneventful journey arrived in Red Larch. Talking to locals they determine there are strange goings on.

After some exploration, the party found a specter and dispatched him as well as some very inept bandits that had somehow managed to capture a bear.

Also found was an entrance to a necromancer’s cave and the party tackled some zombies and then retired back to Red Larch.

Experience is already divided.

No treasure yet…

WOY5E 07/05/2015
Forever Frozen Sea

… this doesn’t look hard…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura Human Fighter

NPC – Droop goblin fighter
NPC – Daleenaa human cleric of Hughma

The adventure thus far -

After dealing with Skyreach the party is summoned back to DeepWater for a council. Barely a day was spent when during the day there is a sudden lull and silence wash over the great city. It lasts only for a minute but seems like eternity. The pall lifts from the sun and all seems to go back to what it was in summer in Deepwater.

The next day the party is brought to the council. There they meet representatives from all over the Zimmerian North Lands.

They are:
Leosin Erlanthar – Though not on the council is a representative of the Harpers and a guide for the characters since the attack on Greenest. Leosin will keep in contact with the adventurers.

Remalla Haventree – Harper representative to the Council. The Harpers are always dissatisfied if the adventurers kill important cultists rather than capturing them.

Ontharr Fume – Order of the Gauntlet representative to the Council. Supports the adventurers but has to convince the rest of the order. The order has heard that the adventurers have committed acts of dubious nature.

Delaan Winterhound – Emerald Enclave representative to the council. Has the support of Treants. Wants the characters to consider the natural order of things such as not destroying things like dragon eggs.

Dagult Neverember – Open Lord of Deepwater (King) and lord protector of Storm Haven. Ran the first council. Is supportive of the characters.

Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil – Son of Hanak Brawnanvil a former king of Mithral Hall. Wants tangible proof the adventurers are worthy of his support. He takes any slight as a personal insult to him and to dwarves.

King Melandrach – King of the Elves of The Towering Forests. Caution and more information and is not swayed by the reports of the adventurers thus far.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard – leader of the Fire Fists – the military might of Stone Gate. The adventurers will need to plan and make decisions that promise stability and discipline to win his support.

Taern “ThunderSpells” Hornblade – representative of the wizard city of Ozelun. Needs assurance that his troops will be protected. Is not swayed at this time and needs more information about the adventurers and other potential allies.

Sir Isteval Dragon Slayer – representative of Daggerford and the Eastern Kingdoms. Supports the adventurers as long as they stay disciplined.

The first council was long and it included all the information that the adventurers had from the Hoard adventure.

Lady Laeral will inform everyone that the disquiet that happened yesterday was due to the sounding of the DraakHorne and will explain that they need more information on why it is being sounded. The party is given the mission of finding Maccath the Crimson. She disappeared in the Forever Frozen Sea.

By vote the adventurers are given Emergency Investigative Powers and each provided with writ from the Lady with the adventurers name stating so. This grants the characters access to resources and sites they deem necessary for their investigation and mission. Any misuse of the writ will bring consequences from the council the least of which will be the revocation of the writ.

The party is given a captain that has a long ship and familiarity with the Forever Frozen sea. The adventurers set out the next day. The trip by sail only takes two weeks. Some encounters along the way points to an iceberg in the area that has a dragon. The party finds it and talks to the natives.

The shaman tells the party the truth of what is and after going into the ice caves, fighting a few encounters and avoiding traps, they find the dragon’s den. In a pitched battle on the ice shelf of frozen treasure, the adventurers prevail and send the wounded dragon fleeing. Maccath is found and along with treasure, her draconic lore, all return to Deepwater.

Experience for each party member – 7580 xp.

Treasure –
Arcane scroll of Feather Fall, Lightningbolt, Invisibility, Tenser’s disc, Magic Missile spell slot 3
Divine scroll – Cure wounds x3, Heal wounds x3, Aid, Bless
Potion of Fire breath x2
Potion of Gaseous Form
Potion of Cure Wounds x2
Potion of Fly
Potion of White Fire x2

WOY5E 6/27/2015
The final battle in Skyreach

… and where do you think you are going little ones…. Vrang the Ogre

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Will – guest appearance as Woody
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura Human Fighter

NPC – Droop goblin fighter
NPC – Jamna gnome rogue

the adventure thus far…

Last we saw, the party had been confronted on the stairs of Skyreach by the ogres of the lower level to find out what the party was up to. The party allayed the ogres suspicions and then descended into the icy depths. A plan was laid and then was put into effect.

The white dragon was baited and from the surrounding tunnels of the treasure horde the party emerged and the battle was joined. Though Glazheall fought to defend its treasure, it was overwhelmed by the well executed plan and after a few rounds the dragon was singed and bloodied and broke off combat into the mists and then away from the flying castle.

The cloud giant Bodukarus took the castle north to join the small giant army that is gathering in the North to fight against the cult. The party healed up and counted treasure that they gained.

They then were summoned back to Deepwater by Leosin by a black bird carrying a teleport scroll.

WOY5E 5/23/2015
Do we own a castle?

What’s circle on the floor?

Zephyr – Grove half orc fighter
Jordan – Hun Wu human sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura human fighter
Paul – Woody human ranger

NPC – Droop goblin fighter

NPC – Jamma gnome rogue

Separate email that provided experience and treasure

The adventure thus far…

After the tumultuous battle end in the castle tower, the lizard fold help with moving things, cleaning things and explaining about the castle and its environs. Some more treasure was found and the illesk farseer showed a dragon’s lair with 2 adult dragons.

After a long rest the party moves into the teleport circle and then appears in front of a large hunting large on a mountain side with snow and cold winds. No one is present and the party heads around to the side of the lodge and sees two buildings that looks like a stables and a kennel.

The stables have huge paddocks but is otherwise empty. The kennels turns out to have a four armed troll. A battle ensued that had more trolls and guard drakes. After a close battle the party prevails and finds a bag of holding.

The party then heads inside and finds trapped suits of armor, gargoyles, and lots of rooms with tapestries and rugs. Finally the party confronts Talis, who is a major member of the Cult of the Dragon. She explains how Rezmir is part of it and how the floating castle is going to be used to transfer a major treasure hoard to the cult headquarters. The party has leveled up and is preparing to head off to the village of Parnast five miles away where the last preparations are being made before the castle takes off. Time is of the essence.

WOY5E 3/28/2015
Shadows over Storm Sea

… they look harmless….

Zephyr – Grove half orc fighter
Will – Radulf human paladin
Jordan – Hun Wu human Sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura human fighter
Paul – Woody human ranger

NPC – Droop goblin fighter

The adventure thus far -

The party being in Stonegate has helped the Doom Guide in a previous encounter. Yovir once again puts out a request for adventurers to find out about rumors of a ghost ship that is plundering the eastern shore of the Storm Sea.

The group gathers information from the Black Fists and the madman Yip and then uses the horses provided by Yovir to head north along the coast where the madman was found.

Ran across a broken wagon being worked on by a merchant and his son and help them to repair the wagon. More information about what has happened further North and about a strange island that was a days journey ahead.

The party passes by a wolf and her cubs and spends the night waiting for dawn. A strange man brings in a ferry that runs out to an island 600 feet into the bay. He seems gruff but for coin he takes the party there.

The party tries to warn the fisher folk about the impending raid but they seemed unconcerned. After a bit of investigation there was a old growth wood that the folk seem to stay away from.

After a bit of searching a cave was found that had arcane artifacts and a scroll and a book. The scroll described how the folk had turned in pirates for being safe. A lemur attacked the party but was quickly dispatched. Going back to the fire pit and confronting the folk about their pact, the crones and village elder attack the party but are quickly dealt with.

Going back to the fire pit, the adventurers put a few defenses in place and waited. Soon after nightfall there was a ominous fog that rolled in along with the wailing of the dead. Two boats came ashore but the party quickly dispatched the occupants. It seems it was kobolds disguised as skeletions.

Taking one of the long boats out into the bay, they find the dragon cult ship and it is approached. Getting near there is the cracking of thunder and lames roar into the night. Boarding the ship finds there is already melee going on and the ship in flames. Searching quickly the party finds a man size evil statue and some other treasure. The fight rages on and the fire consumes the upper deck. The party retreats to the long boat and the ship burns into the night.

The morning the ferry is taken back along with the horses and treasure and the girl Elesanda that help the party on the island.

Yovir says that the location of the green dragon mask has already been searched and the mask taken away. Yip was restored to sanity and after a year in Stonegate, Elesanda slips away and goes to make her fortune.

WOY5e 02/07/2015
Saviors of Greenest

… seems too easy.. .Grove, half orc fighter

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc fighter 4th level
Jordan – Hun Wu human sorcerer 3rd
Thomas – Balmura human fighter 4th
Paul – Woody human ranger 5th
Scott – elf druid 2nd

NPC – Droop goblin fighter 3rd

The adventure thus far:

The hearty band of adventurers is finishing up in Phandalin. The proceeds from Wave Echo are to be distributed to each individual and each individual has to return to Phandalin to claim his share. Sister Gareale has moved on as clerics of Luck god are want to do but the little temple of the fortune idol draws visitors to it every day. With the reopening of Wave Echo and this little temple, Phandalin is set to grow into a much larger town and perhaps even a true city.

Balmura and Woody decided to take time and go visit Winter Haven to see if they can find answers to questions about themselves and things they seek. They returned and the adventurers then found out that the Harpers had a mission. Further south, dragon cultists were gathering and plotting nefarious schemes. They have started to raid isolated villages and towns. The Harpers want to find out why.

The adventurers determine the route and set out for the village of Greenest. During the trip the group is assailed by a pack of displacer beasts and what looks like it may have meant a tough battle was interrupted by large reptilian form flying through the sky at which point the displacer beasts left the battle.

After two weeks of travel they arrive early in the evening just after sunset. As they come over a rise they see Greenest in flames with the central keep being circled by a blue dragon. The party carefully seeks cover, hides the mule and cart and heads to the keep. The situation is dire but not hopeless and the party pitches in with rescuing civilians and fighting kobolds and cultists.

The cart and mule was brought back to keep. A group of civilians were rescued from a temple that was under attack. A prisoner was brought back to the keep. The governor and keeper of keys advise the characters about the town and what is happening. The dragon, tired of just flying around decides to try and break into the keep and though it inflicts losses on the militia and adventurers, it was beaten back.

There is a momentary lull and then all the cultist force shows up in front of the keep. A dragon borne steps forward, identifies himself as Cyanwrath and challenges anyone to single duel to release prisoners. Woody steps forward and the battle is on.

Breath weapons, weapon blows exchanged and then Cyanwrath summons a mighty blow and drops Woody to the ground. The kobolds cheer and the prisoner is released and then the cultist army leaves the town.

The adventurers retrieve Woody and revive him and then do a long rest. In the morning the governor has a request for the adventurers….

WOY5E 1/24/2015
That was tough work...

…. are you a wizard or a miner?


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