A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5 9272014
Phandalin, oh Phandalin

The red brands need to be stopped.

The characters:
Zephyr – Grave Half Orc Fighter
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard (drunk)
Charlie – Orsik Dwarf Cleric
Jordan – Malcer Human Warlock
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
Tom – Balmura Human Fighter

The adventure thus far:

In the center of Phandalin stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider and as happened last night, they eye the party with curiosity.

Sildar had rented one of the six rooms available. The adventurers either rented a room or camped out at farm of Qelline Alderleaf. It was also determined that the blue lion badge that was found on barrels and crates inside the goblin cave belong to Linene Graywind that runs another shop called the Blue Lion Coster. She does offer rewards for return of the supplies.

Sildar again advises the characters to deal with the goblins and find where the Cragmaw Castle is and perhaps find Gundren there as well. He does offter more reward. The party takes to the streets in the early morning to re-provision and explore. The red brands seem to be here and there going in pairs and keep an eye on the adventurers.

After looking around, buying some items, many of the townsfolk give information about the ongoings hereabout but they also are alarmed at the growing red brands extorting money and beating up those that refuse to pay or acknowledge their authority. One of the townsfolk children says that there is a hidden entrance in a forest 100 feet from the manor house.

The adventurers decide to head down to the Sleeping Giant, a reputed hang out for the red brands and find out what is going on. As soon as the party gets close, four of the ruffians call out to the group and start making cat calls and throwing insults. After a few rounds of this they jump of the porch and reach for their swords.

A melee ensues but the adventurers easily handle the red brands and kill 3 and capture one. After brief interrogation, he gives up info for his life and tells the group the plans for the red brands and where their hide out is. Jorn is greeted with delight by the surly female dwarf that runs the Sleeping Giant and offers him lots of drinks. Orsik questions the patrons of the run down tap house. The ruffian says that the other entrance is in a clump of bushes just outside the ruined kitched (see maps now). And then grateful for his life.is put into jail by the town master Harbin Wester.

The party gathers itself and heads to the runied manor house. The kitchen entrance is easily found and entering, walk down stairs to a room with 2 normal doors and a cistern. The door to the west is opened and three ruffians engage the party and in the process loose their lives. The crates and barrels are given a quick going over but seem to contain fresh provisions and not much else. There is a rope dangling in the water of the cistern and when pulled up had some coins and 2 bottles and a regular set of clothes.

The party then found a secret door in the western wall and ignoring the door to the north, proceeds to go west. A large cavern is entered which contains a shallow crevasse. A torch is tossed but seem to go out after it dropped 20 feet. Two wooden bridges span the crevasse and ignoring the slight stench of decay and some little movements sounds the party heads down a corridor.

The first door that is opened has 3 bugbears that are tormenting a goblin. The goblin faints when the door is open and the bugbears and party launch into melee. A round after that starts, Malcer hears voices in his head and then from behind a one eyed creature attacks the party after no one acknowledges it. Two bugbears are brought down and the creature, a nothic, the party later learns, continues to attack.

Almost all the party is down and at one point only Jorn with one hit point is left standing. He remembers the invisibility potion and cure wounds potion and administers to the cleric who then heals several of the party. One bug bear had escaped and headed off to the north party of the complex. Since the party was severely hurt by the combat, it is decided to leave well enough alone and leave the complex along with the fainted goblin.

The goblin, it turns out, is named Droop and has no love for anyone in that ruins. He stays around Balmura and helps in any way that he can. He writes down the map and tells the party about the rooms he knows about. Mosk was the head bugbear and the one that escaped. The party did not search the remaining bug bears, nor did they search slain red brands or check out the door to the north in the first room.

The party makes it back to town after a half hour of walking and finds their way back to the Stonehill Inn. During the night there are some noises and some screaming and come the morning, the remaining red brands prowled the town under cover of darkness, came upon the wood carver making items for the party, killed him and took his wife and child with them.

In the morning the town master, Harbin Wester comes into the StoneHill Inn and starts shouting that the Red Brands the town under cover of darkness, came upon the wood carver making items for the party, killed him and took his wife and child with them back to the ruins. He expects the party to flush out and kill the remaining ruffians and find the captives.

WOY5 9132014
What's in this cave?

More goblins?!?

Characters in the adventure:

Zephyr – Grave Half Orc Fighter
Charlie – Orsik Dwarf Cleric
Jordan – Malcer Human Warlock
Paul – Woody Human Ranger

The adventure thus far:
Woody, being a fellow that likes to scout the local area and has been a resident for years is seeing a new town spring up by the name of Phandalin.

One night as he was walking, he entered a Inn in the port city and heard a dwarf by the name of Gundren Rockseeker and his associate Sildar Hallwinter. Talking to a group of listeners as he pays for drinks and describes the riches that are to be found in this area. He also mentions that there are dangers to be encountered and by the time he is done speaker there are only a few people left at the table.

Gundern then outlines his plan, he is going to open a mine and needs these supplies delivered to Phandalin. He will pay when the wagon safely reaches Barthen’s provisions.

Some people handle drink better than others and though Gundren outlines the times to be at the whare house and when the wagon will leave, not all are sure they are willing to take on the assignment.

As it is, Orsik and Woody show up at the warehouse and there is no wagon or other adventurers to be seen. After discussing this a bit and remembering that Gundren did offer rewards for work in Phandalin, both set out for the little mining town.

Half a day later, on the trail to Phandalin, the two come upon a wagon with oxen tied to the trees, two dead horses laying in the trail and arrows littered about along with dead goblins and a dead half orc.

Woody, being in excellent tracker, finds that 3 medium and one small head off to the east and then follow a trail. This ends up at a cave where a wounded wizard sits outside along with a restrained goblin. The wizard, introduces himself as Jorn and explains about the ambush on the trail. He indicates that his fellows are inside looking for cargo or Gundren or Sildar.

Woody and Orsik go inside, find the other adventurers, discuss what they should do and continue to explore the cave.

Two battles with goblins end with the party victorious and dead goblins and a dead bugbear. Some treasure is found but no Sildar or Gundren. A goblin had escaped from the melee and from the sounds that ring through the cave, the remaining monsters are looking for the characters.

The party slips over a bridge and finds another pocket where there was food and bedding and Sildar. Sildar had been greviously wounded but Orsik helps him to recover. The party then hastily exits, gathers up Jorn and heads back to the wagon.

The party then continues on to Phandalin. They arrive without incident. The rutted track emerges from a wooded hillside and the party gains the first glimpse of Phandalin. The town consists of forty to fifty simple log buildings, some build on old fieldstone foundations. More old ruins – crumbling stone walls covered in ivy and briars – surround the newer houses and shops.

As the party approaches, you see children playing on the town green and townsfolk tending to chores or running errands at the few shops.

The wagon is delivered to Barthen’s Provisions and the party is paid its reward. Sildar says the Stonehill Inn is a good place to stay and pays the party for escorting him back to town. He does provide some additional information about Gundren and the goblins.

The party finds and pays for shelter and settles down for the night.

The gathering gloom
Many are there that want justice

Those goblins are tough… Greve, a few seconds before the scimitar ran him through.

Zephyr – Greve, now Grave 1/2 orc fighter
Will – jorn Dwarf Wizard
Jordan – Human Warlock

Experience for the three above 100 xp

The adventure thus far -

The three meet up in the port city of Verot. They enter the Water Witch tavern and there is a dwarf that speaking loudly about how he has plans to open a lost dwarven mine. He is buying drinks for everyone in the bar.

The three are drawn to the dwarf’s exuberance and listen to this tale. The dwarf mentions that the area is Stydian wilderness and there are goblins about. The room grows quiet and then most at the table excuse themselves and leave only the three.

Gerden turns to them and says’Lads, I will put it to ye bluntly. I need a wagon delivered to the mining town. I will pay you each 10 zachs to escort it. All three agree and Gerden continues. I must leave tonight with my associate Sildar. Here are the directions and here is where the wagon will be ready in the morning. There will be more rewards once you reach the town.

Gerden and Sildar excuse themselves and leave the inn. The sound of horse riding away rings in the still night air.

The three are up early and locate the warehouse with the wagon teamed with 2 oxen. heading off the party runs into nothing unusual. The group turns off the King’s Highway and heads down the dirt road leading to the mining town.

Five miles down the road, the woods grows quiet and suddenly black feathered arrows fly out of the woods. An ambush! The fight rages with arrows flying through the air together with eldritch blasts. The drwarf wizard went down early victim of the arrowns. Greve charged the goblins and managed to take out 2 but the goblin arrows found their target and took him down. Malcer stablilized jorn and then blasted the goblins. Another went down the and the last one took off.

Greve was dead, the arrows mortally wounded. His brother had followed him from Verot and joined the party just as the fight ended. One of the goblins was unconscious and after a short rest he came around. To save his life he led the party up the trail to the Cragmaw cave. The party killed 2 more goblins on guard and went inside. The approach a waterfall and the party ponders which way to go…


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