A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 02/07/2015
Saviors of Greenest

… seems too easy.. .Grove, half orc fighter

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc fighter 4th level
Jordan – Hun Wu human sorcerer 3rd
Thomas – Balmura human fighter 4th
Paul – Woody human ranger 5th
Scott – elf druid 2nd

NPC – Droop goblin fighter 3rd

The adventure thus far:

The hearty band of adventurers is finishing up in Phandalin. The proceeds from Wave Echo are to be distributed to each individual and each individual has to return to Phandalin to claim his share. Sister Gareale has moved on as clerics of Luck god are want to do but the little temple of the fortune idol draws visitors to it every day. With the reopening of Wave Echo and this little temple, Phandalin is set to grow into a much larger town and perhaps even a true city.

Balmura and Woody decided to take time and go visit Winter Haven to see if they can find answers to questions about themselves and things they seek. They returned and the adventurers then found out that the Harpers had a mission. Further south, dragon cultists were gathering and plotting nefarious schemes. They have started to raid isolated villages and towns. The Harpers want to find out why.

The adventurers determine the route and set out for the village of Greenest. During the trip the group is assailed by a pack of displacer beasts and what looks like it may have meant a tough battle was interrupted by large reptilian form flying through the sky at which point the displacer beasts left the battle.

After two weeks of travel they arrive early in the evening just after sunset. As they come over a rise they see Greenest in flames with the central keep being circled by a blue dragon. The party carefully seeks cover, hides the mule and cart and heads to the keep. The situation is dire but not hopeless and the party pitches in with rescuing civilians and fighting kobolds and cultists.

The cart and mule was brought back to keep. A group of civilians were rescued from a temple that was under attack. A prisoner was brought back to the keep. The governor and keeper of keys advise the characters about the town and what is happening. The dragon, tired of just flying around decides to try and break into the keep and though it inflicts losses on the militia and adventurers, it was beaten back.

There is a momentary lull and then all the cultist force shows up in front of the keep. A dragon borne steps forward, identifies himself as Cyanwrath and challenges anyone to single duel to release prisoners. Woody steps forward and the battle is on.

Breath weapons, weapon blows exchanged and then Cyanwrath summons a mighty blow and drops Woody to the ground. The kobolds cheer and the prisoner is released and then the cultist army leaves the town.

The adventurers retrieve Woody and revive him and then do a long rest. In the morning the governor has a request for the adventurers….

WOY5E 1/24/2015
That was tough work...

…. are you a wizard or a miner?

WOY5E 1/10/2015
Thunder tree and Wave echo in one night...

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter 3
Jordan – human sorcerer 3
Thomas – human Fighter 3
Paul – Woody human Ranger 4
James – Eldwyn elf cleric 3
Brandon – Rufus halfling bard 3

The adventure thus far -

After the last encounter with the bugbears and drow in Wave Echo, the party decided to travel more in the country side to gain further experience. With more experienced party members the final cleansing of Wave Echo should be easier.

The trip from Phandalin to Thundertree had a few minor encounters. First an ogre which was made quick work of and then orcs and a displacer beast that was more of a challenge. However the battles were done and the party continued on.

When Thundertree was reached it was obvious that it was still abandoned with ruined buildings and one lone hill with a crumbled ruin at its top. After searching a few empty buildings, the druid Andore was found and he immediately advised the party to leave as there were spiders and zombies and cloaked humaniods lurking about.

The party promptly ignored his advice and continued into the ruins. There was the feeling of being watched but nothing happened until the path to the tower was reached. A foul smell of bleach permeated the area and then the path was blocked by webs with a few husks hanging from it.

The party tried to start some of the webs on fire and cutting the web and also was looking into the interior of a nearby building. They were surprised by 2 large spiders that came out looking for food. A challenge but again the party killed the monstrous spiders and pressed on.

An old Alchemy shop was discovered and a piece of jewelry was found there. Across the way some noises were heard and the party went to investigate. The building had barred doors and shuttered windows and when challenged was indeed occupied. The occupants made no secret that they were there to talk to the dragon but the party felt it wasn’t the best use of resources and left them to their own plans.

The party headed back to Phandalin and without much ado, reached there and rested. The next day the party went to Wave Echo. Some problems with climbing down the rope and a few falls later the party headed deeper into the mine. A bugbear sentry saw the party first and fired a few shots and then left to alert the drow. The party cast spells and then pressed into the room. A long battle with darkness and bugbears and spiders ensued and even a doppleganger appeared. The party prevailed and found in a locked room nearby that the other Rockseeker brother was there.

The party stabilized him and after searching left the mine to return again soon to finish cleaning it out.

Each party member receives 10 down days.

Clean out wave echo cave

this is easy… we have cleaned out most of the cave – Grove

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
James – Eldwyn Elf Cleric
Brandon – Rufus Halfling Bard

The adventure thus far -

The plan is simple… return to Wave Echo cave and finish cleaning it out. Woody is contacted by Sister Gareale about more creatures… evil looking large cat like creatures that are showing up around the town of Thundertree. The party decides to return to the cave.

The party sets out the next morning and heads to Wave Echo Cave. Entering the cave the rythmic pounding still fills the cave with noise and vibration.

Rufus again has some problems with the rope and falls down the 20 feet to the rift floor. He is quickly patched up. After the last few battles in the cave from the before, the cave seems eerily quiet and empty. The party heads along the western caves and cavern and doesn’t find anything much until they come across a room with a pool.

After searching the room, a skeleton is found in the pool that was one of the wizards defending the cave. Nothing but scraps and two rings and a wand along with a few arrows still stuck in his rib cage.

The party continues to explore and enters a room with another large rift.. A few bug bears appear to be digging in the stones. The party moves into melee and a dark elf seems to be there with the bug bears. The party kills the three in the room but 5 more join from the west entrance. A tough battle but the bugbears are driven off.

A few coins were found on on the bug bears and the dark elf was no where to be seen. The question unanswered was what were the bug bears digging for?

The party returns to exploring the caves and finds a 10 foot door. There is talking heard behind the door. The party opens and sees a dark elf standing at a table along with 2 bug bears and a captive dwarf in the corner. Perhaps the missing Rockseeker brother?

First round the dark elf levels his staff and 3 of the party collapses to the floor. The door is shut and after a few moments of confusion, the 3 were brought back to consciousness. A sleep spell did its worse.

The bugbears seem to try to open the door but Woody and Eldwyn thought fast and tied the door off. The party retreated. Perhaps the easiest things had been found first and now what is left are the nastiest. And a dark elf that seems to be in the cave looking for something. The party returns to Phandalin to rest and ponder and perhaps decide how to get more experience before finishing off Wave echo cave.

Wave Echo Cave

How tough can it be?

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Jordan – Radulf Human Paladin
Thomas – Balmura Human Fighter
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
James – Tarsonis Elf Wizard
Brandon – Rufus Hallfling Bard

NPC – Droop Goblin Fighter

The adventure thus far -

The party returns from cleaning out Wyvern Tor with a few more encounters but reach Phandalin bloody but with all party members.

After resting and training a bit, the party gathers the next morning and after getting their reward from the Town Master for cleaning out Wyvern Tor. Then to the Stone Hill Inn and talk with Sildar and Grundern Rockseeker.

The party feels with its numbers that it can descend into the depths of the wave echo cave. After last minutes adjustments the adventurers head up into the Storm hills. After a few hands breadth movement of the sun, the party arrives at the entrance of Wave Echo Cave by mid morning.

Into the cave and in the first chamber the party finds one of the Rockseeker brothers. Dead a few weeks probably around the same time that Grunden was ambushed on the trail to Phandalin. Basic supplies were there along with pitons and rope. There were 2 lanterns and a few other sundry goods.

Droop the goblin sees that the boots that the brother is wearing are of exceptional quality and asks Balmura about them. No one seems to bother and Droop puts them on and tells Balmura that he feels springy.

The party descends down the ropes to the bottom of the rift and Rufus can’t quite manage the art of rope climbing and falls headlong to the floor. Badly hurt, he is quickly healed and the party proceeds.

The mine shows caves and corridors and caverns that were carved from the living rock some 500+ years ago. A few rooms contain nothing but dust and broken tools and furniture. Then the several next rooms contain skeletons. Though bothersome the party handles them well.

Then the party runs in ghouls. Which turns into a large fight as the ghouls were hungry and tough. Radulf uses a thunder strike to take one of the ghouls down. the party retreats back to the old entrance and decides to long rest in one of the dwarven antechamber.

And orchre jelly that was stalking the party and during the long rest it drops on the watchers and almost takes them out. The alarm is raised and the ochre jelly is killed. Returning to rest… some time later the barricaded door is being pounded on. This wakes the party but the long rest is not finished.. the battle is on.

Bugbears break open the door and the battle ensues. Radulf is killed and the it looks like the bugbears are using oil to smoke the party out. Finally the party prevails and leaves the cave. The echo still ringing in the ears and feeling in their feet.

The party makes it back to Phandalin and Radulf is sent to Victory where he is raised and perhaps will return to Phandalin. The party returns to the manor house to rest.

WOY5 11292014
Where there is smoke...

There are orcs at Wyvern Tor

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter 3rd
Charlie – Orsik Dwarf Cleric 3rd
Jordan – Radulf Human Paladin 3rd
Tom – Balmura Human Fighter 3rd
Paul – Woody Human Ranger 4th
James – Tarsonis Elf Wizard 2nd – 3rd

The adventure thus far -

The group of adventurers headed out from Phandalin to the north east down the Tri-boar trail.

For the 4 days of travel the party ran into stirges, an ogre and some hobgoblins. But all the battles were short and the party prevailed.

The party then reached the Wyvern Tor and climbed the flanks the of 3000 ft high hill. At the top orc tracks were found which led to a cave near the top. The party investigated and determined that there were indeed orcs and ogres in the cave.

A great battle took place but the party took down all of the orcs and ogres and reclaimed the treasure that that the beast had plundered.

WOY5 1182014
Cragmaw castle will be cleared

Let’s do this…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Jordan – Redulf Human Paladin
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard
Tom – Balmura Human Fighter
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
Michael – Gnome Rogue

NPC – Droop Goblin

The adventure thus far -

New adventurers have been contacted by the Adventuring Company of Tyre and are arriving in Phandalin. Sildar welcomes them all and explains what is going on in the surrounding country. Repeats his offer for the return of Gundren and his map for Wave Echo Cave.

Getting information from the locals and Jorn letting know that Greta he would be parting ways with Greta and that he would be off adventuring. The party gathers in the morning and with well wishes from Sildar the party sets forth to head back to Cragmaw. Some having been chased there by an owl bear and bugbears, it was time to make the inhabitants pay.

After traveling and not running into much of anything, the party arrives at Cragmaw in the morning. After Woody scouts around the ruins, the party decides to enter from the west side. Being careful and clambering through the rubble and opening doors found goblins which were promptly dispatched though two fled the dining room.

The party followed and found some more goblins holed up in one of the towers. The party trapped them and after a brief fight, the shout of Bree – yark was heard. Balmura rounded them up and put Droop in charge of them.

The party went through the remnants of the castle, killing some more goblins, hobgoblins, strange ceiling dwelling creatures until there was only one set of towers left. One room contained the owl bear and the other the bugbear running the ruins. He had been busy trying to negotiate with a dark skinned elf and was oblivious to the sounds of fighting and shouts in other parts of the castle.

The party breaks in and finds an unconscious dwarf being held by the bug bear and a hobgoblin and the dark skinned elf. Melee ensued with those trying to get into the room and save the dwarf. The owl bear broke out but was put down by the goblin corp and a couple of the other adventurers.

In the main tower, the fight continued and finally the dwarf was saved and the fight was over. Grunden was revived and the party headed back to Phandelin.

WOY5 10182014
Do you know Cragmaw?

… well. thats a mighty big pile of rocks…

Zephyr – Grave Half Orc Fighter
Charlie – Cyris Dwarf Cleric
Jordan – Malcer Half Orc Warlock
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
Tom – Balmura Human Fighter

NPC – Droop Goblin

The adventure thus far -

After taking a bit of time to make arrangements for Tresendor Manor, the party moved in and set up shop. A few more days confirmed that the Glaseile elf cleric would give them more information if they would negotiate with a hag for information about a book. Potions of Healing always come in handy. And Mosk, the bugbear, is facing death penalty for which he gladly gave up the whereabouts of the castle inhabited by the Cragmaw goblins.

Wandering in the wilderness the party was beset by stirges and an owlbear. The stirges where hard to pin down and kill and the owl bear dealt a lot of damage but no one was felled by either and the party continued on.

The party took to the rood and found the green hag, negotiated with her and got the information that the elf needed. Then it it was time to find the castle. Once there, walking up the front steps seemed unwise but it wasn’t until a goblin happened to glance out the arrow slit and saw the party trying to enter the castle that the alarm was raised.

The fight was on between goblins and hobgoblins. The fight raged on but the hobgoblins went down one by one and the goblins that tried to help were dispatched. It was only after that the party realized it had taken a beating and tried to retreat outside to find somewhere to rest. The inhabitants had other ideas and soon came after the party with a hunting owl bear. Being a tracker of scent and sight, it soon found the party and the chase was on again.

The party couldn’t seem to shake the owl bear and finally decided to head back to Phandalin for safety with number and a good fair distance from the castle.

The party rests and makes plans for the next adventure…

WOY5 10112014
It is time to remove the ruffians

… if I take a ring from a coffin, is that grave robbing?

Zephyr – Grave half orc fighter 2
Charlie – Orsik Dwarf Cleric 2
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard 2
Jordan – Malcer Warlock 3
Paul – Woody human Ranger 2
Tom – Balmura human Fighter 2

The adventure thus far:

After waking at the Stonehill Inn the adventurers gather and the town master runs into the Inn and says there was a raid by ruffians and the wood carver was killed and his family was taken. He expects the party to right this wrong.

The adventurers gather themselves and head back to Tresendor Manor. Entering back into the basement by the ruined kitchen the party is greeted with silence and a stench of rotting flesh. The party decides to exit by the north door in the main room. A pit trap is narrowly overcome and Balmura did not fall to his death. Entering a room with large copper plated doors the party sees 3 sarcophagi and a skeleton propped up next to each one.

The party enters, pokes a skeleton which falls over and nothing happens. Each sarcophagus is opened and a ring is found ( each ring is worth 50 zachs ). Then Woody approaches one of the other doors and the skeletons spring to life. Woody quickly dispatches two of them and and the other gets one swing in before it too is smashed into bone bits.

The next room is entered and has 2 ruffians that try to surprise Woody. Doesn’t happen and between Woody and Grave the 2 ruffians are dispatched. The room had iron bar cells with … the wood carvers family. They are released and escorted back to town.

The party returns to stillness and continues checking the rooms out. Arms and filthy red cloaks provisions (10 days worth of food for 10 people) ale and beaver pelts. The party tries to cross one of the bridges and it collapses once it bears weight. The bottom of the crevasse is only 20 feet down but there is a chest that is visible under the bridge remnants. It is opened the the sword Talon is found along with some coins.

The party makes it back to the bugbear room where the 2 dead bugbears are rotting. They are searched but the bugbear Mosk is not among them. The party then enters the next room where 4 ruffians are playing cards and are drunk.

The fight is on and being drunk and surprised, the ruffians quickly die at the hands of the adventurers. The next room finds a alchemy lab that has been set up to create potions but nothing seems to have been finished. There is a rat scurrying about but seems timid until Woody offers it food. After searching and not finding much, the next door is opening. This is a bed room but it looks like the occupant left in a hurry.

Thinking it might be GlassStaff the party races after him and catches him just before he left the store room. A fight erupts and though Glass staff tries to make a stand with Mosk the bugbear, both fall to the blades and spells of the party.

Mosk is dragged back to town and awakens and is interrogated. He is intimidated by the half orc and divulges he knows the location of CragMaw castle and Wave Echo cave. The party then decides to finish up the Cragmaw cave and find 6 goblins left that are again surprised and are quickly cut down. Each party member does get 50 more experience.

Information gained: Mirna tells of a hidden necklace in Thundertree

Treasure found in the Ruffian hide out:

dirty red cloaks for everyone
16 sp 7z
12 sp 5z
15 ep and 2 garnets worth 10z each
3x platinum signet rings worth 50z
12 spears, 6 shortswords, 4 longswords, 6 light crossbows 8 quivers that hold 20 bolts each
30 beaver pelts worth 2z each
160 sp 120z 5x Malachite gems worth 15z each
2 potions of healing
1 scroll of Augury
+1 longsword Talon
eye patch with semiprecious stones worth 50z
iron key to the locked doors
75cp 55sp 22ep 15z gold earing with tiny ruby worth 30z
basic texts about alchemy
Tome written in Dwarvish by Urmon – Lost mine of Phandelver and the Forge of Spells ( I will need to give you that history)
3 bottles of reagents – mercury, dragon bile and powdered nightshade each worth 25z
small writing desk, matching chair comfortable bed wooden chest
magical staff
black spider document
various documents signed Iarno Albrek for orders for supplies.
180 sp 130z
silk pouch with 5 carnelians 10z each, 2 peridots 15z each, one pearl worth 100z
scroll charm person
scroll fireball

WOY5 9272014
Phandalin, oh Phandalin

The red brands need to be stopped.

The characters:
Zephyr – Grave Half Orc Fighter
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard (drunk)
Charlie – Orsik Dwarf Cleric
Jordan – Malcer Human Warlock
Paul – Woody Human Ranger
Tom – Balmura Human Fighter

The adventure thus far:

In the center of Phandalin stands a large, newly built roadhouse of fieldstone and rough-hewn timbers. The common room is filled with locals nursing mugs of ale or cider and as happened last night, they eye the party with curiosity.

Sildar had rented one of the six rooms available. The adventurers either rented a room or camped out at farm of Qelline Alderleaf. It was also determined that the blue lion badge that was found on barrels and crates inside the goblin cave belong to Linene Graywind that runs another shop called the Blue Lion Coster. She does offer rewards for return of the supplies.

Sildar again advises the characters to deal with the goblins and find where the Cragmaw Castle is and perhaps find Gundren there as well. He does offter more reward. The party takes to the streets in the early morning to re-provision and explore. The red brands seem to be here and there going in pairs and keep an eye on the adventurers.

After looking around, buying some items, many of the townsfolk give information about the ongoings hereabout but they also are alarmed at the growing red brands extorting money and beating up those that refuse to pay or acknowledge their authority. One of the townsfolk children says that there is a hidden entrance in a forest 100 feet from the manor house.

The adventurers decide to head down to the Sleeping Giant, a reputed hang out for the red brands and find out what is going on. As soon as the party gets close, four of the ruffians call out to the group and start making cat calls and throwing insults. After a few rounds of this they jump of the porch and reach for their swords.

A melee ensues but the adventurers easily handle the red brands and kill 3 and capture one. After brief interrogation, he gives up info for his life and tells the group the plans for the red brands and where their hide out is. Jorn is greeted with delight by the surly female dwarf that runs the Sleeping Giant and offers him lots of drinks. Orsik questions the patrons of the run down tap house. The ruffian says that the other entrance is in a clump of bushes just outside the ruined kitched (see maps now). And then grateful for his life.is put into jail by the town master Harbin Wester.

The party gathers itself and heads to the runied manor house. The kitchen entrance is easily found and entering, walk down stairs to a room with 2 normal doors and a cistern. The door to the west is opened and three ruffians engage the party and in the process loose their lives. The crates and barrels are given a quick going over but seem to contain fresh provisions and not much else. There is a rope dangling in the water of the cistern and when pulled up had some coins and 2 bottles and a regular set of clothes.

The party then found a secret door in the western wall and ignoring the door to the north, proceeds to go west. A large cavern is entered which contains a shallow crevasse. A torch is tossed but seem to go out after it dropped 20 feet. Two wooden bridges span the crevasse and ignoring the slight stench of decay and some little movements sounds the party heads down a corridor.

The first door that is opened has 3 bugbears that are tormenting a goblin. The goblin faints when the door is open and the bugbears and party launch into melee. A round after that starts, Malcer hears voices in his head and then from behind a one eyed creature attacks the party after no one acknowledges it. Two bugbears are brought down and the creature, a nothic, the party later learns, continues to attack.

Almost all the party is down and at one point only Jorn with one hit point is left standing. He remembers the invisibility potion and cure wounds potion and administers to the cleric who then heals several of the party. One bug bear had escaped and headed off to the north party of the complex. Since the party was severely hurt by the combat, it is decided to leave well enough alone and leave the complex along with the fainted goblin.

The goblin, it turns out, is named Droop and has no love for anyone in that ruins. He stays around Balmura and helps in any way that he can. He writes down the map and tells the party about the rooms he knows about. Mosk was the head bugbear and the one that escaped. The party did not search the remaining bug bears, nor did they search slain red brands or check out the door to the north in the first room.

The party makes it back to town after a half hour of walking and finds their way back to the Stonehill Inn. During the night there are some noises and some screaming and come the morning, the remaining red brands prowled the town under cover of darkness, came upon the wood carver making items for the party, killed him and took his wife and child with them.

In the morning the town master, Harbin Wester comes into the StoneHill Inn and starts shouting that the Red Brands the town under cover of darkness, came upon the wood carver making items for the party, killed him and took his wife and child with them back to the ruins. He expects the party to flush out and kill the remaining ruffians and find the captives.


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