A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

… this place is so BIG….

Zephyr – Tslandia wood elf ranger
Will – Sigurd human wizard
Jordan – Daine Mountain Dwarf paladin
Thomas – Dugan Mountain Dwarf cleric
David – Tikki deep gnome Rogue

The adventure thus far…

Once free from the filth and muck of the hill giants steading, the PCs summon the airship to go to Deepwater. Still reeling from the loss of Harshnag and the strange hill giant chieftess the party sorts through the treasure that was recovered from the wagon…

One of the items found was a conch. From all that Harshnag told the party it will give them means to teleport directly to Maelstrom

Treasure after the adventure (already given out) – Tikki is allowed to take 10 pounds of trinkets from the treasury worth 100 gold.



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