A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

Yuandae 5e 02/11/2018

Tomb of Annihilation

.. that is a big lizard…

The adventurers

Daniel – Lan high elf 7th level cleric
Zephyr – Zeed aaracockra 7th level barbarian
Jordan – Karak kobold 7th level rogue
Thomas – Frederek half elf 7th level wizard

The adventure thus far…

Once more into the city we venture in search of the remaining puzzle boxes, treasure, and ancient knowledges. Continuing down the center raised highway, the party continued to search buildings, looking for any that would standout as a keeper of our prizes. Instead being met with a dilapidated cart and a strong smell of honey, we stopped to examine. I aided the bird in flipping the cart to discover a stone tablet. Stepping closer to read the tablet, a creature I recognized from one of the temples appeared. Not really doing much, we ushered the scribe to translate the tablet. The tablet made mention of a Queen Napaca, I made some notes incase her name were to come up again. The stone being too heavy to carry, we moved on with our search. The chawinga did not follow.

After another hour of searching, we came to another building that had that the trademark shrine look to them. Five entrances awaited our approach. Choosing the center path, we entered, finding a circular room with a monkey, hands and feet cupped, tho he was upside down. The scribe’s use once again proved it self in translating a riddle from the statue about being Wongos friend. Deciding the boar was Wongos one true pal, I poured water into the paw that was pointed out while peering through the boar mask. Being asked to choose myself or the party, I decided not to betray their confidence and choose myself. A flash of light and I found my self much smaller and craving a good roll in the mud. The party shuffled and I was returned from what I was told was the form of a boar. The fourth cube was ours! Squee…. I mean Huzzah!

Working our way towards the what appeared to be an amphitheater, a strong foul smell arose and large piles of dung started to appear. Before we could think, a feathered T-Rex and several smaller raptors were upon us. The bird, finally taking point in front of the impending danger, the TRex passed him right by and was on the cleric. Taking down the cleric, he was spat out, smelling the residual boar, the beast was upon me. Blacking out, I reawoke to a the battle still raging. Finally defeating the creature, we took a moment to catch our breath. No longer winded, we took shelter in the rooms under the ampitheatre, finding time to short and a much needed long rest. Searching the next day we found several treasures. We even took some trophies from the king of feathers.

The cleric had to continue meditating, so the rest of the party took some time to explore some of the more regular areas of the city. Finding some blue mist in a few rooms, the rogue braved the danger and we recovered several nice items, even a bag of holding!

Making our way to what looked like a market, the rogue disarmed several goblin traps and found a room infested with the little buggers. Stepping in, taking a rot grub and a fire pot, I blasted the room with a fireball. All but the 3 were killed. Allowing myself to get hit by the fireball to burn the rot grub before it was able to get under my skin. Quickly dispatching the remaining sorcerer and inventors. Taking their trove of copper and items. We returned to the hastily fortified room below the amphitheater, we slept, ready to delve deeper into the city.



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