A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

Yaundae D&D 5e Tomb of Annihilation

Omu ... the deadly place

yaun ti, shrines and red wizards, oh my

Daniel – Lan sindar elf 6th level cleric
Zephyr – Zeed, arracockra 6th level barbarian
Will – Hassan human 5th level fighter
Jordan – Karak kobold 6th level rogue
Thomas – Frederik half elf 6th level wizard

Artus Cimber – NPC ranger
Dragonbait – NPC ranger

the adventure thus far…

After weeks of travel in the wet, steaming jungle with unknown terrors lurking everywhere the group finally breaks through the wall of green to see vast sunken land that contains a large city. They have stairs in front of them that lead directly down into the city. And they now see stone gargoyles posted every 100 feet around the rim. The group moves down the stairs and as the sun sets, moves into a run down guard building that is in poor shape but offers solid stone walls, a fair roof and one door. Shortly after Lan the elf, finds the party as well and food and drink is had to celebrate joining together again.
Just after sun set and darkness settles across the ruined city scape out of the darkness archaic arrows fly into the building. Alarmed, the party springs into action. Hasseem tries to push his way through the front door but 2 snaked arms mallisons attack him as he steps through. Others fire arrows through the slits and Frederik lets loose a fireball after shooting a light arrow outside. There are hisses as the fire takes it toll but the fight rages on.
Finally one of the door yuan ti goes down and Zeen manages to fly outside and take on the attackers. Artus and Karak fire arrows. Frederek fires bolts. The yuan ti are whittled down and as they are about to be defeated a arrow strikes Hassen a critical blow and fells him. Before Dragonbait can reach him to stabilize Hasseem dies… The remaining yuan ti are defeated but loosing a comrade is a hard blow to the group.

Tried to keep the yuan ti captive but the group finds out they can turn into snakes and easily slip bonds. The remaining ones are killed and burned the next morning. The group sets off to explore the city and after a desultory search of abandoned buildings finds a compound that looks promising. Looking through the gate the group beholds there has been a fight here. At 30 human corpses liter the ground and there is a pyre of large snake skeletons and a crude symbol of the Night Serpent. As the group looks about a faint call comes from rubble. The group pulls the human Orvex from the rubble and minister to keep him from dying. He begs to join the party and he can translate the ancient Omu. The party agrees.
Behind the battle scared compound the party finds a shrine. Some of the graffiti said to find the shrines. This seems to be a giant frog. Orvex confirms it is Kubazan. Zeed flies out to examine the statue and a forghemoth explodes out of the water. Battle ensues and though it is a big brute, the group slays it. Beyond the entrance to the shrine.
Descending into the shrine it is a big pit with a stone pedestal with a stone cube sitting on top … A PUZZLE BOX. Karak uses his mage hand to pick up and bring the cube to him. As the puzzle box leaves the pedestal, frog mouths spaced around the pit open and fill the shrine with a green gas that clings to everything. Hold breath does no good and everyone starts to feel the poison affect. Artus uses his ring to dimension door outside with the key and unlocks the door. The group staggers out and decides to call it day and heads back to the guard building to rest and recover.



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