A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

… I don’t feel so good…

The adventurers

Zephyr – Tslanda wood elf ranger 4th
Will – Serpent eye human wizard 3rd
Jordan – Radalf awesome human paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan dwarf cleric 4th
David – Tikki deep gnome 4th

The adventure thus far -

In discussions with the moon elves, it has been found out that a tripe of 20 orcs plus a Eye of Gruumsh is being track by the elves. This band of orcs has been specifically hunting elves and takes elf ears as trophies. The elves are going to slay them no matter the cost.

There may be 6 bandits left in Nightstone. The lead elf scout has made sure the orcs are in Nightstone. There are 8 Moon elves, 7 Nightstone guards, Morak a retired adventurer and the band of 5 adventurers at the survivors camp. After much discussion a plan is laid made and everyone except Morak will go back to Nightstone to take take on the orcs and/or bandits.

The party moves south from the survivor’s camp to Nightstone. The Moon elves watch the party and shakes their heads. A few hands breadth later and the group arrives at Night stone. There is an eerie silence. No activity. The only sign of the orcs is that one of the bandits has been spiked to the drawbridge.

The elves pull out cloaks and creep close. The druid stands up and casts a spell and the iron chain that holds the drawbridge snaps and with a resounding thud falls to the open position. The elves motion for the group to advance. Radalf takes the lead and moves fully into Nightstone. The orcs go next and they spew forth from the church building. The melee is on!

The battle wages back and forth. A guard drops. Orcs start going down but then the Orc Chief comes out and bellows his battle cry. Serpent eye suddenly is trapped and goes down by a flurry of orc blows. Tslanda tries to use a building for cover and then gets trapped by two orc brutes. The orc chief joins in and Tslanda and goes down and dies. The guards fight well and take out more orcs.

Tikki takes out a couple of orcs and then decides to climb the tower… and promptly looses his footing at the top and falls down. He survives and no one seems to notice. Dugan brings Radalf back into the fray and with elf arrows and guards the orcs are all killed, the Eye of Gruumsh howling to his god as he dies.

The orcs are defeated! The remaining bandits are found all dead at the top of the keep. Only the female bandit is missing. The survivors are fetched to return to Nightstone. Two guards are dispatched to take the news to Deeperwater. Morak thanks the adventurers and after reconstruction is started, he asks the group if they would take word to a person in Bryn Shander. After a long rest the party heads out the next day.

After a few hands breadth of travel the party sees a cloud castle floating over head. It stops and a cloud staircase descends a thousand feet to the ground. it seems to be inviting the group to ascend.The party, not seeing any threat climbs up. At the top is a tall tower topped by a wizard’s hat. The party walks into the ground level area and sees a table and chair giant sized and then from the higher level a cloud giant is floating down. He introduces himself as Zephyros.

Zephyros feels sorry about the cloud giant attack though he doesn’t know anything about it and offers to take the group to any destination they like. They decide to head to Bryn Shander. Along the way, air cultists try to persuade Zephyros to join them and Zepheros declines. Then a silver dragon, Clarion, along with 6 shield dwarves approach the tower and Clarion drops the dwarves in what seems to be an assault. They were tasked with destroying the navigation stone for the tower. But the group persuades the dwarves that Zephyros was and is not involved with the nefarious giant schemes. Clarion and the dwarves agree and the cloud castle continues on its way.

Zephyros lets the party know that the castle’s path goes across Phandalin and the party decides to go down to replenish supplies.

All treasure and experience has already been handed out. Remember, it is up to you to track possible sources of experience.



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