A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 9/17/2016

Let's liberate Nightstone

“it’s only goblins…”

Dramatis personae

Zephyr – Tslanda human ranger 2nd
Will – Serpent eye human wizard 2nd
Jordan – Radalf human paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan dwarf cleric 4th
David – Adrik half-elf rogue 3rd

The adventure thus far -

After a long rest and talking with the survivors more, the party heads back to night stone leaving behing 6 guards. After a walking for a hand breadth of movement, they reach the village. The bell is ringing again in its odd disjointed way. The drawbridge is down. The party enters. Building by building the party searches for any life. Only goblins are found but each killed. The bell ringing is by a pair of happy go luck goblins that are struck down.

In the Nightstone Inn which was heavily bombarded, the party finds Morak’s gear and a survivor. She looks unkempt but unharmed. She was traveling down the High Road. The party tells her to leave. More goblins. The party tracks them all down and kills them. Even the ones in the windmill. Climbing up to the keep over a broken bridge, the party finds it has taken massive damage. Only dead guards around the gatekeep and the front of the main keep is completely crushed.

Four guards are found alive! They tell the party that a cloud castle bombarded the village and keep until most everyone left. Then cloud giants descended and took an old black stone that was in the middle of the commons. Then left. Lady Nander was killed by a collapsing ceiling. Nothing in the library or anyone left alive knows of any reason the giants would want the stone.

As the party converses with the guards and searches the destroyed keep, a mounted party of seven bandits rides into the village (maybe drawbridge up next time?). They shout a name and the female traveler comes out of hiding to join them. She points up at the keep.

The party decides on a plan and comes back down to the village. Adrik tries to allay the suspicions of the bandits but they seem to think there is something afoot. Arrows fly towards the bandits. Melee ensues! Tslanda is snipping from the gatekeep on top of the hill, Adrik tries to pretend he is with the bandits. The guards bravely move and blows are exchanged. After loosing 2, the bandits start using their mounts to move and attack. Adrik joins in the fray while Tslanda ineffectually fires arrows.

Three of guards are lost. Adrik is slain after he attacks the captain. Serpent eye tries to keep them off balance. The bandits then move to the rear of the costor and for a moment it looks like there might be a stand off when 2 of the bandits see Tslanda pop up to fire arrows and rolls to nat 20s and puts Tslanda to zero and then dies. The cleric and wizard discuss things and injured paladin agrees. Parlay ensues and the party is allowed to leave sans Adrik. The party retreats and goes back to the survivors.

Where Moon elfs have found them and were discussing what to do when the party arrives. The elf druid can only do reincarnate and proceeds to do so on Adrik and Tslanda. Adrik fights the reincarnate and eventually comes back as a deep gnome. Tsalanda comes back as wood elf.

The party settles in for the night deciding what to do next…

All experience and treasure were given out and split.



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