A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 9/14/2015

Deep is the Undermountain

Thomas – get an extra 150 xp for bringing snacks and plates
Jordan – get an extra 50 xp for bringing soda.

The story thus far –
Zephyr – Raganos drow Warlock
Jordan – Davida goliath barbarian
Thomas – Doogan dwarf cleric

The party as it is has decided to head back to Westport ( AKA Waterdeep & DeepWater ). After training and finding a place to kennel the bear, Doogan, Raganos and Davida decide to explore Westport (AKA Waterdeep & Deepwater). Having learned that Mount Westport is riddled with caves and perhaps the residence of a mad wizard they decided to go exploring.

Near Black Dog alley, an apparition appeared of a phantom dog and a knight. Following the knight leads to a silver circle in the ground. After some digging a large hole is found. The party went and got some spelunking gear, the party descended and found a small shaft that after a few hundred feet of crawling (and no encounters) opened out into a dark and steep stairway.

After some initial bumps and slips, the party decides to head down the stairs and into a prepared orc ambush. The fighting was intense and after killing 6 orcs and the threat of immolation, not to mention the grievous injury that Davida suffered to his arm , the party pulls back and heads back to the surface.

The party then went down the shaft of the hole to the bottom and fought a hungry mimic. In the other chest was the remnants of the phantom knight.

His coat of arms barely visible on the rusted remnants of his shield, the party was directed to an Order of Paladins. They gratefully rewarded the party for returning the remains of the knight and asked the party to investigate the rumors of demons being released in the Underdark since Raganos is a drow. The party agreed and Davida’s arm was regenerated. The party now at full health trains and will head out on its next mission.

Experience was divided.

Sadly no treasure other than the big orcs great axe.



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