A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 8/8/2015

Zephyr – appearing as Ranagos the drow Sorcerer
Will – appearing as Werrack the mountain dwarf paladin
Jordan – appearing as Davida the goliath barbarian.

Each player character for this adventure gets 100 xp.

Alas… no treasure… yet…

These adventurers picked up on the rumor about the evil at Red Rock. Once there the zombies were back in force and it took some time to kill them all.

The party was hurt and retreated and found a hobbit homestead to stay at for the night. The next day the adventures moved past the foul rotting remnants of the slain zombies entered into the necromancer cave.

It did not go well. Fighting crawling hands and zombies and skeletons and the necromancer himself made the party retreat for adventure another day.



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