A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5E 7182015

The Sumbering Hills and Elemental Evil

… there be evil in them thar hills….

Zephyr – Raganos Drow Warlock
Jordan – Thud Goliath Barbarian
Thomas – Doogan Dwarf Cleric

… the adventure thus far…

After coming to Westport (AKA Deepwater, WaterDeep) and rumbling about for a few days, the people met in the Yawning Inn and heard tales of adventure.

There is also heard that there is something elemental that is stiring in the Sumbering hills.

The party set out for Red Larch and after a week of uneventful journey arrived in Red Larch. Talking to locals they determine there are strange goings on.

After some exploration, the party found a specter and dispatched him as well as some very inept bandits that had somehow managed to capture a bear.

Also found was an entrance to a necromancer’s cave and the party tackled some zombies and then retired back to Red Larch.

Experience is already divided.

No treasure yet…



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