A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5E 6/27/2015

The final battle in Skyreach

… and where do you think you are going little ones…. Vrang the Ogre

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Will – guest appearance as Woody
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura Human Fighter

NPC – Droop goblin fighter
NPC – Jamna gnome rogue

the adventure thus far…

Last we saw, the party had been confronted on the stairs of Skyreach by the ogres of the lower level to find out what the party was up to. The party allayed the ogres suspicions and then descended into the icy depths. A plan was laid and then was put into effect.

The white dragon was baited and from the surrounding tunnels of the treasure horde the party emerged and the battle was joined. Though Glazheall fought to defend its treasure, it was overwhelmed by the well executed plan and after a few rounds the dragon was singed and bloodied and broke off combat into the mists and then away from the flying castle.

The cloud giant Bodukarus took the castle north to join the small giant army that is gathering in the North to fight against the cult. The party healed up and counted treasure that they gained.

They then were summoned back to Deepwater by Leosin by a black bird carrying a teleport scroll.



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