A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 3/26/2016

Wandering the Undermountain

… the Undermountain is easy…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc 10th
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer 10th
David – Human Fighter Eldritch Knight

The adventure thus far…

All of the adventurers returned from White Plume after an intense wild magic episode on the road back to Deepwater. The episode leaves no memory in any of the party but all the mental issues have been cleared.

However, all the spells are cleared from the spell users and the books and scrolls are all wiped clean.

Jorn does find a book that he doesn’t recognize that seems burnt on the outside but it does have spells. He will need to transfer them to his regular spell book.

After getting back to Deep water, the 3 above decide to wander about the Castle Ward and find the inn called the Yawning Portal. Which has a well in the middle of the room with direct access to the Undermountain.

it seems the corridors smell dank and claustrophobic and they wander a bit before coming across a pillar room. Found some sticks and a key.

Exiting the room 2 trolls bear down on the party.

The fight was fierce and cutting off legs and arms slowed the trolls down but they proved determined. However, the last troll went down after being decapitated and burned.

After looking about they tried to find the missing party but instead two more trolls appeared ready to fight. The adventurers then retreated.

The party returned back to the Yawning portal.

The next day went down again but a flaming corridor and huge carrion crawler made the party rethink and after cutting up the creature, went back to the yawning party to rest and train.



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