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WOY5E 07/05/2015

Forever Frozen Sea

… this doesn’t look hard…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc Fighter
Will – Jorn Dwarf Wizard
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer
Thomas – Balmura Human Fighter

NPC – Droop goblin fighter
NPC – Daleenaa human cleric of Hughma

The adventure thus far -

After dealing with Skyreach the party is summoned back to DeepWater for a council. Barely a day was spent when during the day there is a sudden lull and silence wash over the great city. It lasts only for a minute but seems like eternity. The pall lifts from the sun and all seems to go back to what it was in summer in Deepwater.

The next day the party is brought to the council. There they meet representatives from all over the Zimmerian North Lands.

They are:
Leosin Erlanthar – Though not on the council is a representative of the Harpers and a guide for the characters since the attack on Greenest. Leosin will keep in contact with the adventurers.

Remalla Haventree – Harper representative to the Council. The Harpers are always dissatisfied if the adventurers kill important cultists rather than capturing them.

Ontharr Fume – Order of the Gauntlet representative to the Council. Supports the adventurers but has to convince the rest of the order. The order has heard that the adventurers have committed acts of dubious nature.

Delaan Winterhound – Emerald Enclave representative to the council. Has the support of Treants. Wants the characters to consider the natural order of things such as not destroying things like dragon eggs.

Dagult Neverember – Open Lord of Deepwater (King) and lord protector of Storm Haven. Ran the first council. Is supportive of the characters.

Ambassador Connerad Brawnanvil – Son of Hanak Brawnanvil a former king of Mithral Hall. Wants tangible proof the adventurers are worthy of his support. He takes any slight as a personal insult to him and to dwarves.

King Melandrach – King of the Elves of The Towering Forests. Caution and more information and is not swayed by the reports of the adventurers thus far.

Marshall Ulder Ravengard – leader of the Fire Fists – the military might of Stone Gate. The adventurers will need to plan and make decisions that promise stability and discipline to win his support.

Taern “ThunderSpells” Hornblade – representative of the wizard city of Ozelun. Needs assurance that his troops will be protected. Is not swayed at this time and needs more information about the adventurers and other potential allies.

Sir Isteval Dragon Slayer – representative of Daggerford and the Eastern Kingdoms. Supports the adventurers as long as they stay disciplined.

The first council was long and it included all the information that the adventurers had from the Hoard adventure.

Lady Laeral will inform everyone that the disquiet that happened yesterday was due to the sounding of the DraakHorne and will explain that they need more information on why it is being sounded. The party is given the mission of finding Maccath the Crimson. She disappeared in the Forever Frozen Sea.

By vote the adventurers are given Emergency Investigative Powers and each provided with writ from the Lady with the adventurers name stating so. This grants the characters access to resources and sites they deem necessary for their investigation and mission. Any misuse of the writ will bring consequences from the council the least of which will be the revocation of the writ.

The party is given a captain that has a long ship and familiarity with the Forever Frozen sea. The adventurers set out the next day. The trip by sail only takes two weeks. Some encounters along the way points to an iceberg in the area that has a dragon. The party finds it and talks to the natives.

The shaman tells the party the truth of what is and after going into the ice caves, fighting a few encounters and avoiding traps, they find the dragon’s den. In a pitched battle on the ice shelf of frozen treasure, the adventurers prevail and send the wounded dragon fleeing. Maccath is found and along with treasure, her draconic lore, all return to Deepwater.

Experience for each party member – 7580 xp.

Treasure –
Arcane scroll of Feather Fall, Lightningbolt, Invisibility, Tenser’s disc, Magic Missile spell slot 3
Divine scroll – Cure wounds x3, Heal wounds x3, Aid, Bless
Potion of Fire breath x2
Potion of Gaseous Form
Potion of Cure Wounds x2
Potion of Fly
Potion of White Fire x2


The DMG optional rule for training takes effect.

WOY5E 07/05/2015

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