A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

WOY5e 9/10/2016

Storm King's Thunder in Yaundae

The first adventure in the Storm King’s Thunder
“… hunting goblins? Count me in!”

The personae dramatis:

Zephyr – Tslana Human Ranger 1st
Will – Human Wizard 1st
Jordan – Human Paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan, IrondMntDwarf Cleric, 4th
David – Adrik, half elf rogue 2nd

The adventure thus far -

As is always the case in the Storm Coast and the Northlands, the tempest is always brewing. It hasn’t been long since the dragon cultists and their insidious plan to bring Tiamat into the world was put down. But the plan created conflict in far flung places and not only did it affect dragons but the giants in their secure holds were pulled in and havoc was created…

Now Deeperwater is awash in rumors of huge giant raiding parties that move about the country side and bombard towns from the air, destroy farms and attack cities. The factions are all scrambling to find out what is behind this sudden giant rampage. it is against this turmoil that humble adventurers set out from Deeperwater to seek employment from Deeperwater nobles at a hunting fort by the name of Nightstone.

After a day of travel the adventurers find themselves on the road with a village in motte and bailey style not far away. As they get closer there seems to be no activity or signs of a village going about its business. Oddly, the church bell keeps ringing in an odd way. Not the wind but as if whatever pulls the bell does not know how it works.

The party approaches the drawbridge into the village and notice two sets of prints. One human sized heading north away from the village and smaller humanoid ones and paw prints heading into the village. The party decides to head north.

After a while, a large hill riddles with cracks, crevices and caves is found. The party finds a large entrance and a small cave. Trying to peer into the large entrance had arrows shot at them. Goblin made. The small cave was undefended. Squeezing through, they find a small cavern with stone stalactites and stalagmites. Adrik approaches one that is riddled with small holes and sticks his weapon. A hissing noise and pulling the weapon out it is now corroded with a viscous fluid. Radalf approaches and a pseudo pod flings out from a hole and misses. The party moves on.

A long corridor to a large cavern when goblin arrows start flying. A Ogre lumbers into view and attacks the front of the party. After a long combat with one ogre dead and several PCs down (and a certain rogue can’t seem to climb) the wizard is taken down by arrows and then picked up by an ogre and carted off.

The party heads back out, rests up and goes in the large entrance. Ogre and goblin arrows meet the head of the party but cleric heals and paladin advances. Finally cutting down the ogre and killing the last of the goblin archers.

The wizard rejoins the party and everyone searches, finds a secret cave after a goblin gives up his boss and another battle. The goblins themselves seem easy to take down but a rat swarm attacks and the party has a hard time killing it. A lady in waiting for Lady Nanders tells the party, as does Morak the dwarf of Nightstone Inn, that the village was attacked by a cloud castle with huge boulders destroying buildings and killing people.

The party lets the renegade goblin depart with female and pup goblins and heads back to the camp of the survivors. The adventure continues…

Experience and treasure was given out and divided.



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