A Yaundae D&D 5th Edition

Yaundae D&D 5th Edition
December 30th 2017

…Are ziggurats always this deadly?

The adventurers:

Daniel – Sindar Elf Lan Cleric
Zephyr – Aarakocra Barbarian Zeek
Thomas – Half Elf Wizard Frederick
Jordan – winged kobold Karak

Artus Cimber – Ranger and owner of the Ring of Winter
Dragon Bait – a sariuel paladin

The adventure thus far….

It has been 30 days in the jungle. Perhaps only a week to some but to others that are affected by the curse… slowly wasting away… it is a lifetime. The group has lost a paladin of Hughma that lost his footing on a ledge and fell 1800 feet to his death. The party continues on over coming firenewts and 4 armed apes.

Ziggurats now dot the jungle as the party gets closer to the lost city of Omnus. The first they encounter was a mental challenge and those that perservered to the top were rewarded well.

Now another ziggurat appears out of the jungle. This one festooned with man sized winged stone statues. The aarockra jumps onto the steps followed by the sindar elf cleric. As they begin climbing the steps, the gargoyles come to life.

They engage and the fight is on. A blue flame rages at the top of the ziggurat and as each gargoyle goes down, a large figure assembles in the middle of the flame. All the gargoyles are defeated but then a large 4 armed steps forth from the flame and aarakocra and other adventures climb to take him on. When the battle is finished pieces of gargoyle lay every where. They were the guardians of a tomb of a celestial naga. Being grateful to have his resting place wrested from evil, he grants boons to the adventurers.

The party continues back into the jungle…

Lets go check out where the castle might have crashed

… it is cold here….

Thomas – Doogan Dwarf Cleric of Kelea 10th
Jordan – Dane, Dwarf Paladin of Durin 10th
Will – Sigurd Nordheim human wizard 10th
Zephyr – Tslantia wood elf ranger 10th

the Adventure….

In the city of Victory, the adventurers decide to go to the Adventuring Company of Tyrean to see if there were any missions or adventures that were available.

Dagnar, the chief adventurer of ACT, presented the following that needed investigation -

Fire Orks have been raiding the southern coast in the Grand Sea. If defeated ACT would provide 2 renown and 20 days down time. And Z12,000.

The Vilyaet lands are rife with Wild Magic and is only one of a handful of such places in Yaundae. A new source has been discovered but seems to be in one of the deep old forests. The odd thing is that the area abounds in human and animal rock formations. Being called the stone lands. Z8,000 and 1 renown and 10 days down time.

In the Thunder mountains, a mining village no longer communicates. Known as Irondale, it is one of the largest and best iron mines in the area. z5,000 and 1 renown and 10 down days.

The ice floating castle that took part of the Rise of the dragon cultists has been reportedly found crashed. It is far to north near Nordhiem. The area is rife with orcs, remorhazzes, frost giants, dragons and cultists. ACT will help with transport but will not provide any reward.

Giant uprising. The dragon threat and giant uprising in the north has caused giants all over the world to attempt to take over the regions where they live. The king of Cauda wants the Tyrean Emperor to wipe out an infestation of a giant alliance in the Northern mountains. The reward would be 3 renown, Z5,000 + any treasure found and 20 down days.

In the Sunrise Ocean, a black pirate ship that trails a cloud of black mist, attacks any ship that it comes across. Has attacked every type of shipping from merchants and fishing ships to warships. The few survivors recall seeing large bear like humanoids and goblins killing most and then take some prisoners. As the ship pulls away, there are screams of the those that have been taken. The ship seems to evade all pursuers and calls for adventurers that have more spells and magic available to track it down and take or destroy the ship. ACT would pay Z15,000 and 30 downdays plus whatever treasure found on the ship.

Raids on in the North. The elven kingdom of Mythlandrea has suffered many attacks on small villages in the Eastern part of its kingdom. The raids have even happened as far West as Ostia on the Grand Sea coast. ACT wants the cause of predation to cease and would pay Z20,000 and 20 down days.

The party took up the offer to head north and found themselves trekking across the Myklos glacier. Found a very large tribe of orcs, Tslanta the ranger estimates close to 300 orcs living there that are doing giant bidding. Travelled further and found a dwarven mining town deep inside the mountains that ring the glacier. A thriving community that is also has a uneasy truce with the giants but rails against having to trade for security.

The dwarves said that the frost giants reside in a massive meade hall that can hold over 200 giants. The leader will need to be bargained with to find out where the crashed floating ice castle is. The party decides to stay in the dwarven community but they sense that the dwarves don’t much care for non-dwarves without earning their upkeep. The adventurers may have to leave soon.

RP XP thus far for each is 500.

WOY5e 2/11/2017 Maelstrom
From Guh to Maelstrom

… this place is so BIG….

Zephyr – Tslandia wood elf ranger
Will – Sigurd human wizard
Jordan – Daine Mountain Dwarf paladin
Thomas – Dugan Mountain Dwarf cleric
David – Tikki deep gnome Rogue

The adventure thus far…

Once free from the filth and muck of the hill giants steading, the PCs summon the airship to go to Deepwater. Still reeling from the loss of Harshnag and the strange hill giant chieftess the party sorts through the treasure that was recovered from the wagon…

One of the items found was a conch. From all that Harshnag told the party it will give them means to teleport directly to Maelstrom

Treasure after the adventure (already given out) – Tikki is allowed to take 10 pounds of trinkets from the treasury worth 100 gold.

WOY5e 9/24/2016
Pesky bandits

… I don’t feel so good…

The adventurers

Zephyr – Tslanda wood elf ranger 4th
Will – Serpent eye human wizard 3rd
Jordan – Radalf awesome human paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan dwarf cleric 4th
David – Tikki deep gnome 4th

The adventure thus far -

In discussions with the moon elves, it has been found out that a tripe of 20 orcs plus a Eye of Gruumsh is being track by the elves. This band of orcs has been specifically hunting elves and takes elf ears as trophies. The elves are going to slay them no matter the cost.

There may be 6 bandits left in Nightstone. The lead elf scout has made sure the orcs are in Nightstone. There are 8 Moon elves, 7 Nightstone guards, Morak a retired adventurer and the band of 5 adventurers at the survivors camp. After much discussion a plan is laid made and everyone except Morak will go back to Nightstone to take take on the orcs and/or bandits.

The party moves south from the survivor’s camp to Nightstone. The Moon elves watch the party and shakes their heads. A few hands breadth later and the group arrives at Night stone. There is an eerie silence. No activity. The only sign of the orcs is that one of the bandits has been spiked to the drawbridge.

The elves pull out cloaks and creep close. The druid stands up and casts a spell and the iron chain that holds the drawbridge snaps and with a resounding thud falls to the open position. The elves motion for the group to advance. Radalf takes the lead and moves fully into Nightstone. The orcs go next and they spew forth from the church building. The melee is on!

The battle wages back and forth. A guard drops. Orcs start going down but then the Orc Chief comes out and bellows his battle cry. Serpent eye suddenly is trapped and goes down by a flurry of orc blows. Tslanda tries to use a building for cover and then gets trapped by two orc brutes. The orc chief joins in and Tslanda and goes down and dies. The guards fight well and take out more orcs.

Tikki takes out a couple of orcs and then decides to climb the tower… and promptly looses his footing at the top and falls down. He survives and no one seems to notice. Dugan brings Radalf back into the fray and with elf arrows and guards the orcs are all killed, the Eye of Gruumsh howling to his god as he dies.

The orcs are defeated! The remaining bandits are found all dead at the top of the keep. Only the female bandit is missing. The survivors are fetched to return to Nightstone. Two guards are dispatched to take the news to Deeperwater. Morak thanks the adventurers and after reconstruction is started, he asks the group if they would take word to a person in Bryn Shander. After a long rest the party heads out the next day.

After a few hands breadth of travel the party sees a cloud castle floating over head. It stops and a cloud staircase descends a thousand feet to the ground. it seems to be inviting the group to ascend.The party, not seeing any threat climbs up. At the top is a tall tower topped by a wizard’s hat. The party walks into the ground level area and sees a table and chair giant sized and then from the higher level a cloud giant is floating down. He introduces himself as Zephyros.

Zephyros feels sorry about the cloud giant attack though he doesn’t know anything about it and offers to take the group to any destination they like. They decide to head to Bryn Shander. Along the way, air cultists try to persuade Zephyros to join them and Zepheros declines. Then a silver dragon, Clarion, along with 6 shield dwarves approach the tower and Clarion drops the dwarves in what seems to be an assault. They were tasked with destroying the navigation stone for the tower. But the group persuades the dwarves that Zephyros was and is not involved with the nefarious giant schemes. Clarion and the dwarves agree and the cloud castle continues on its way.

Zephyros lets the party know that the castle’s path goes across Phandalin and the party decides to go down to replenish supplies.

All treasure and experience has already been handed out. Remember, it is up to you to track possible sources of experience.

WOY5e 9/17/2016
Let's liberate Nightstone

“it’s only goblins…”

Dramatis personae

Zephyr – Tslanda human ranger 2nd
Will – Serpent eye human wizard 2nd
Jordan – Radalf human paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan dwarf cleric 4th
David – Adrik half-elf rogue 3rd

The adventure thus far -

After a long rest and talking with the survivors more, the party heads back to night stone leaving behing 6 guards. After a walking for a hand breadth of movement, they reach the village. The bell is ringing again in its odd disjointed way. The drawbridge is down. The party enters. Building by building the party searches for any life. Only goblins are found but each killed. The bell ringing is by a pair of happy go luck goblins that are struck down.

In the Nightstone Inn which was heavily bombarded, the party finds Morak’s gear and a survivor. She looks unkempt but unharmed. She was traveling down the High Road. The party tells her to leave. More goblins. The party tracks them all down and kills them. Even the ones in the windmill. Climbing up to the keep over a broken bridge, the party finds it has taken massive damage. Only dead guards around the gatekeep and the front of the main keep is completely crushed.

Four guards are found alive! They tell the party that a cloud castle bombarded the village and keep until most everyone left. Then cloud giants descended and took an old black stone that was in the middle of the commons. Then left. Lady Nander was killed by a collapsing ceiling. Nothing in the library or anyone left alive knows of any reason the giants would want the stone.

As the party converses with the guards and searches the destroyed keep, a mounted party of seven bandits rides into the village (maybe drawbridge up next time?). They shout a name and the female traveler comes out of hiding to join them. She points up at the keep.

The party decides on a plan and comes back down to the village. Adrik tries to allay the suspicions of the bandits but they seem to think there is something afoot. Arrows fly towards the bandits. Melee ensues! Tslanda is snipping from the gatekeep on top of the hill, Adrik tries to pretend he is with the bandits. The guards bravely move and blows are exchanged. After loosing 2, the bandits start using their mounts to move and attack. Adrik joins in the fray while Tslanda ineffectually fires arrows.

Three of guards are lost. Adrik is slain after he attacks the captain. Serpent eye tries to keep them off balance. The bandits then move to the rear of the costor and for a moment it looks like there might be a stand off when 2 of the bandits see Tslanda pop up to fire arrows and rolls to nat 20s and puts Tslanda to zero and then dies. The cleric and wizard discuss things and injured paladin agrees. Parlay ensues and the party is allowed to leave sans Adrik. The party retreats and goes back to the survivors.

Where Moon elfs have found them and were discussing what to do when the party arrives. The elf druid can only do reincarnate and proceeds to do so on Adrik and Tslanda. Adrik fights the reincarnate and eventually comes back as a deep gnome. Tsalanda comes back as wood elf.

The party settles in for the night deciding what to do next…

All experience and treasure were given out and split.

WOY5e 9/10/2016
Storm King's Thunder in Yaundae

The first adventure in the Storm King’s Thunder
“… hunting goblins? Count me in!”

The personae dramatis:

Zephyr – Tslana Human Ranger 1st
Will – Human Wizard 1st
Jordan – Human Paladin 4th
Thomas – Dugan, IrondMntDwarf Cleric, 4th
David – Adrik, half elf rogue 2nd

The adventure thus far -

As is always the case in the Storm Coast and the Northlands, the tempest is always brewing. It hasn’t been long since the dragon cultists and their insidious plan to bring Tiamat into the world was put down. But the plan created conflict in far flung places and not only did it affect dragons but the giants in their secure holds were pulled in and havoc was created…

Now Deeperwater is awash in rumors of huge giant raiding parties that move about the country side and bombard towns from the air, destroy farms and attack cities. The factions are all scrambling to find out what is behind this sudden giant rampage. it is against this turmoil that humble adventurers set out from Deeperwater to seek employment from Deeperwater nobles at a hunting fort by the name of Nightstone.

After a day of travel the adventurers find themselves on the road with a village in motte and bailey style not far away. As they get closer there seems to be no activity or signs of a village going about its business. Oddly, the church bell keeps ringing in an odd way. Not the wind but as if whatever pulls the bell does not know how it works.

The party approaches the drawbridge into the village and notice two sets of prints. One human sized heading north away from the village and smaller humanoid ones and paw prints heading into the village. The party decides to head north.

After a while, a large hill riddles with cracks, crevices and caves is found. The party finds a large entrance and a small cave. Trying to peer into the large entrance had arrows shot at them. Goblin made. The small cave was undefended. Squeezing through, they find a small cavern with stone stalactites and stalagmites. Adrik approaches one that is riddled with small holes and sticks his weapon. A hissing noise and pulling the weapon out it is now corroded with a viscous fluid. Radalf approaches and a pseudo pod flings out from a hole and misses. The party moves on.

A long corridor to a large cavern when goblin arrows start flying. A Ogre lumbers into view and attacks the front of the party. After a long combat with one ogre dead and several PCs down (and a certain rogue can’t seem to climb) the wizard is taken down by arrows and then picked up by an ogre and carted off.

The party heads back out, rests up and goes in the large entrance. Ogre and goblin arrows meet the head of the party but cleric heals and paladin advances. Finally cutting down the ogre and killing the last of the goblin archers.

The wizard rejoins the party and everyone searches, finds a secret cave after a goblin gives up his boss and another battle. The goblins themselves seem easy to take down but a rat swarm attacks and the party has a hard time killing it. A lady in waiting for Lady Nanders tells the party, as does Morak the dwarf of Nightstone Inn, that the village was attacked by a cloud castle with huge boulders destroying buildings and killing people.

The party lets the renegade goblin depart with female and pup goblins and heads back to the camp of the survivors. The adventure continues…

Experience and treasure was given out and divided.

WOY5e 3/26/2016
Wandering the Undermountain

… the Undermountain is easy…

Zephyr – Grove Half Orc 10th
Jordan – Hun Wu Human Sorcerer 10th
David – Human Fighter Eldritch Knight

The adventure thus far…

All of the adventurers returned from White Plume after an intense wild magic episode on the road back to Deepwater. The episode leaves no memory in any of the party but all the mental issues have been cleared.

However, all the spells are cleared from the spell users and the books and scrolls are all wiped clean.

Jorn does find a book that he doesn’t recognize that seems burnt on the outside but it does have spells. He will need to transfer them to his regular spell book.

After getting back to Deep water, the 3 above decide to wander about the Castle Ward and find the inn called the Yawning Portal. Which has a well in the middle of the room with direct access to the Undermountain.

it seems the corridors smell dank and claustrophobic and they wander a bit before coming across a pillar room. Found some sticks and a key.

Exiting the room 2 trolls bear down on the party.

The fight was fierce and cutting off legs and arms slowed the trolls down but they proved determined. However, the last troll went down after being decapitated and burned.

After looking about they tried to find the missing party but instead two more trolls appeared ready to fight. The adventurers then retreated.

The party returned back to the Yawning portal.

The next day went down again but a flaming corridor and huge carrion crawler made the party rethink and after cutting up the creature, went back to the yawning party to rest and train.

WOY5e 9/14/2015
Deep is the Undermountain

Thomas – get an extra 150 xp for bringing snacks and plates
Jordan – get an extra 50 xp for bringing soda.

The story thus far –
Zephyr – Raganos drow Warlock
Jordan – Davida goliath barbarian
Thomas – Doogan dwarf cleric

The party as it is has decided to head back to Westport ( AKA Waterdeep & DeepWater ). After training and finding a place to kennel the bear, Doogan, Raganos and Davida decide to explore Westport (AKA Waterdeep & Deepwater). Having learned that Mount Westport is riddled with caves and perhaps the residence of a mad wizard they decided to go exploring.

Near Black Dog alley, an apparition appeared of a phantom dog and a knight. Following the knight leads to a silver circle in the ground. After some digging a large hole is found. The party went and got some spelunking gear, the party descended and found a small shaft that after a few hundred feet of crawling (and no encounters) opened out into a dark and steep stairway.

After some initial bumps and slips, the party decides to head down the stairs and into a prepared orc ambush. The fighting was intense and after killing 6 orcs and the threat of immolation, not to mention the grievous injury that Davida suffered to his arm , the party pulls back and heads back to the surface.

The party then went down the shaft of the hole to the bottom and fought a hungry mimic. In the other chest was the remnants of the phantom knight.

His coat of arms barely visible on the rusted remnants of his shield, the party was directed to an Order of Paladins. They gratefully rewarded the party for returning the remains of the knight and asked the party to investigate the rumors of demons being released in the Underdark since Raganos is a drow. The party agreed and Davida’s arm was regenerated. The party now at full health trains and will head out on its next mission.

Experience was divided.

Sadly no treasure other than the big orcs great axe.

WOY5e 8/8/2015

Zephyr – appearing as Ranagos the drow Sorcerer
Will – appearing as Werrack the mountain dwarf paladin
Jordan – appearing as Davida the goliath barbarian.

Each player character for this adventure gets 100 xp.

Alas… no treasure… yet…

These adventurers picked up on the rumor about the evil at Red Rock. Once there the zombies were back in force and it took some time to kill them all.

The party was hurt and retreated and found a hobbit homestead to stay at for the night. The next day the adventures moved past the foul rotting remnants of the slain zombies entered into the necromancer cave.

It did not go well. Fighting crawling hands and zombies and skeletons and the necromancer himself made the party retreat for adventure another day.

WOY5E 7182015
The Sumbering Hills and Elemental Evil

… there be evil in them thar hills….

Zephyr – Raganos Drow Warlock
Jordan – Thud Goliath Barbarian
Thomas – Doogan Dwarf Cleric

… the adventure thus far…

After coming to Westport (AKA Deepwater, WaterDeep) and rumbling about for a few days, the people met in the Yawning Inn and heard tales of adventure.

There is also heard that there is something elemental that is stiring in the Sumbering hills.

The party set out for Red Larch and after a week of uneventful journey arrived in Red Larch. Talking to locals they determine there are strange goings on.

After some exploration, the party found a specter and dispatched him as well as some very inept bandits that had somehow managed to capture a bear.

Also found was an entrance to a necromancer’s cave and the party tackled some zombies and then retired back to Red Larch.

Experience is already divided.

No treasure yet…


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